Katie & Justin’s Beautiful Backyard DIY Wedding

Dazzling DIY details make for a gorgeous garden party on a budget

Katie and Justin’s wedding, which they hosted in the backyard of their own home, was all about love, personality, and…bikes! Their wedding theme was based on the classic bicycles they love, and they used fun bicycle iconography to create table names, wedding favors, and uniquely whimsical decor. Photographed by Simply Knot Photography (who are currently hosting this awesome wedding photography giveaway), this sweet and stylish homemade celebration will warm your heart. <!–more–>

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M4 Knot Photography_101109-024_16_low

Katie wore brilliant yellow linen flats, perfect for walking on grass, dancing, and matching the wedding’s bright yellow color scheme. Wedding favors were homemade mix CDs of the couple’s favorite music.


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Justin built the chuppah (a traditional Jewish wedding canopy) himself. A groom DIY project — how sweet!

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Recycled mason jars for drinks cut down on waste and look vintage chic.

M14 Knot Photography_101109-005_3_low



Every table was named after a type of bicycle. The children’s table was even called “Training Wheels”!

M15 Knot Photography_101109-330_65_low

The red velvet cake came from one of the couple’s favorite restaurants, and was the hit of the party.

M17 Knot Photography_101109-233_57_low

M18 Knot Photography_101109-198_45_low

M16 Knot Photography_101109-014_10_low

A Jeapordy-like game entertained guests, with Katie and Justin as MCs! Guests were encouraged to leave cards and keepsake notes on a ribbon display.

M22 Knot Photography_101109-305_63_low

M24 Knot Photography_101109-173_38_low

M23 Knot Photography_101109-174_39_low

M25 Knot Photography_101109-209_51_low

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M27 Knot Photography_101109-178_42_low

M30 Knot Photography_101109-330_65_low

M21 Knot Photography_101109-036_20_low

Thanks so much to Simply Knot Photography for sharing these fabulous photos with us!


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