Joanna & Hebert’s Artful Museum Wedding

The Detroit Institute of Arts is a chic modern backdrop for an inspired affair

All I can say about this week’s wedding is thank you, thank you, thank you to photographer Jessica Johnston for sharing these breathtaking images. Joanna and Hebert had the very first wedding ever at the Detroit Institute of Arts, which houses an incredible collection of moden and contemporary art. <!–more–>  The ceremony and reception are a lavish, elegant affair punctuated by sophisticated, artsy touches.

A little-known secret around here is that I was an artist for ten years before starting Recycled Media. So this wedding is like one of my crazy abstract dreams, where there’s incredible art and pretty wedding stuff and it’s all jumbled up into one great big ball of wonderful.

{*What’s Wedding Porn Wednesday?}

Picture 1

Joanna’s Ines di Santo wedding dress is spectacular. It has a luxurious detachable train with rosettes that provides mega-drama for photos and walking down the aisle. Once the train is removed, the dress transforms from a majestic ballgown into a chic, sexy, boogie-the-night-away kind of dress.

Picture 3Untitled

Picture 2


Girlfriend has got style. Seriously.

Picture 4

I find it awe-inspiring that this couple got to share their big day with historically significant works of art. Here, Joanna and Hebert kiss in front of an iconic painting by one of my favorite artists, Alex Katz.


Here, they’re just chillin’ in front of a Kehinde Wiley. Wiley paints masterful portraits of urban African-American men in grand, majestic scenes inspired by historic works of art. {At my wedding we took pictures in the hotel lobby.}


My art geekiness does not extend to the work below. Anybody know who the artist is?


If Joanna and Hebert had stood in front of every single work in the museum, I would have felt compelled to post every one of the photos. Thankfully, they had a wedding ceremony instead.

Picture 6

Video screens! An ivy-covered chuppah! Calla lilies bursting out of their vases at odd angles! This ceremony is its own work of art.


Picture 7

The couple that plays together stays together. Especially when they rock out at their very own wedding.

Picture 8

I’m pretty sure those bridesmaids dresses are by Vera Wang, but that’s just an educated guess. They’re highly re-wearable, thanks to the neutral colors and flattering cuts.


Too. Chic.


Is there any lovelier combination than bright, sunshine-y yellow and warm slate gray? I think not, my friends. I think not.

Picture 9


Picture 11

This thing with the calla lilies exploding from their vases is so inventive and unexpected! Just when you thought you knew everything about how flowers go in vases, this comes along and turns your world upside down. I wish more planners and event designers would take cool creative risks like this. And yes, those are eco-friendly succulents on the banquet table.


The band played under Diego Rivera paintings. There are no words for the magnificence of this.

Picture 7 15-16-29

Yes, that is a dessert table in front of a Diego Rivera mural. Somebody pinch me.

Picture 8 15-37-56

Picture 14

Picture 5
Picture 7

Picture 6

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  1. I know, I was pretty blown away by this. I’m trying to find out what was up with that performance & will let you know if I hear anything. I was curious too! It’s hard not to make every day about Wedding Porn (although Wedding Porn Monday just doesn’t have the same appeal…) but lately, the weddings are just getting so spectacularly creative. Love it!

  2. This is one of the most beautiful weddings ever. The happy couple, picked a great location and everything was fantastic…

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