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Last night, New York’s young and fashionable crowd congregated at the flagship H&M uptown on Fifth. The party was thrown to honor the American visual artist Jeff Koons and his current retrospective exhibit at the Whitney Museum.  Packed with fashion editors, models, and other industry folk, the store was transformed to look more like a gallery with the major artwork on display being Koons’ special-edition H&M handbag.  You’re probably familiar with Koons’ most famous sculpture— the giant orange balloon dog that sold for a record-breaking $58.4 million in November.  Among his many other creative successes, a recent feat you might recognize is his work on the cover of Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP.  You know that sculpture of Gaga with the reflective blue gazing ball?  That’s his.  Today, artful fashion-lovers can wear a piece of pop culture by carrying one of his iconic canines as a graphic printed accessory.  Starting at just $50, this price point is both accessible and refreshing for a limited edition collector’s item surrounded by so much hype. His balloon dog bag will be sold at select H&M locations in L.A., New York, and Dallas as well as on the store’s official site. ‘Fashion Loves Art’ was the event mantra last night, encouraging a lighthearted, playful approach to experimenting with clothes.  We consider personal style an art form in itself so in collaboration with H&M, Koons has barked up the right tree!


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