Jaw-Dropping Art Deco Vintage Engagement Ring

One-of-a-Kind 1920s Engagement Ring with HUGE 4.5 carat Cushion-Cut Diamond on RB.com

The most obvious reason to drool over this newly listed sapphire and diamond ring is that it is absolutely, jaw-droppingly spectacular. But buying a vintage engagement ring like this one is also socially conscious and Earth-friendly. <!–more–> Gold and diamond mining (even of “conflict-free” diamonds) are poisoning the environment and our global water supply with waste and toxins like cyanide and mercury. The elegant solution? A vintage engagement ring like this one.

Sapphire & Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring on RecycledBride.com


My own engagement ring is an antique, and I always think that vintage jewels have a certain magic that newly manufactured bling lacks. New rings are machine-cut and -set, while ones like these were often handmade by skilled craftsmen. Vintage and antique rings are all about quality and character.

At $26,500, this diamond and sapphire stunner doesn’t come cheap — but it is well-priced for a ring of its size and quality. And it was listed here on RecycledBride.com by a reputable jeweler who’s known for the authenticity of her fabulous vintage and antique jewelry. Check other (more affordable; no less amazing) engagement ring options from the same seller here, here and here.

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