Jamie & Eric’s Organic DIY Barnyard-Chic Wedding

We’re just in love with this sweet, rustic wedding from mega-talented photographer Hilary Mercer! Jamie & Eric wanted an all-organic, part-vegan, and totally fun event for their friends and family, so they chose the warm and elegant Barn at Valhalla in Chapel Hill, NC as their venue, and DIY-ed many of the details. Among the guests were lots of little ones, including Jamie and Eric’s own 4-month old baby. Scroll down to see the creative ways they found to entertain their littlest guests and accommodate scores of breastfeeding moms! <!–more–>



Jamie wore these adorable — and comfy! — shoes from Seychelles.




Jamie’s amethyst engagement ring is right on-trend, as diamond alternatives become more and more popular.



The couple decorated the walls at cocktail hour with family photos, and added local wildflowers in mason jars to make cheery DIY centerpieces.


Each of the reception tables was named after an organic crop, including all of the couples favorite veggies and Spring harvests!


The dinner menu at this wedding was anything but traditional, with a vegan Indian food buffet for the vegivores, and a barbecue of all organic, local meats. Yum!! Below, the “Boob Room”, a designated space for all the moms in attendance to breastfeed their babies!


Special nutritious and sweet favor treats were set aside for younger guests.



Desserts included this beautiful cupcake tower with handmade photo-based cake-toppers, and delicious vegan cookies.









What we love most about this wedding is the playful, relaxed beauty of the day and the Earth-conscious, yummy menu. Thanks so much to Jamie, Eric, and Hilary Mercer for sharing these great pics with Recycled Bride readers!


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  1. Wow, this is a great wedding. I love the fact that there is something for everyone including kids which is good as a lot of kids tend to get left out at weddings and having to nothing to do for so long can be really hard for them. It does look like everyone had a good time and it was a fantastic looking wedding.

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