Independence is Overrated

This patriotic shoe is really anti-independence day after all

Unlike other fashion sites, we are not going to tell you to “assert your independence” this Fourth of July by buying patriotic clothes that unveil a “red, white and brand new you.” Nope. Instead, we want to show you this Christian Louboutin  pump and offer a different point-of view.

Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin Debout Pump, $850

The shoe, of course, is gorgeous. From the celebrity-loving “Debout” collection, its lucent center, pointy-toe and 4 inch stiletto heel make it a modern twist on the classic glass slipper.  And there is something – trust us – in this geometric break up that makes your foot look very, very sexy.

However, should you want to “assert” any sort of independence by running away from un-wanted amorous attention, long-winded stories, bad breath or fattening cakes at the Fourth of July party you attend – forget it. These shoes are not made for women who need to walk – nor does Louboutin intend them to be.  And, who cares when you look that good? The true power ladies don’t have to move. They make their presence known by standing in one place. So, this independence day, plan to ensconce yourself in the corner, hold your wine glass like a lady, watch whatever fireworks flicker up, and let the people come to you. 

Did Cinderella ever walk? Absolutely not. She had coachmen.

For more independence-snatching high heels, check out Tradesy’s collection of Louboutins here.


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