In Conversation: The Tradesy Closet Concierge Stylists

What happens when you combine a group of supportive, successful, motivated and talented women all working toward making others feel amazing on a daily basis?… MAGIC. Well, magic is what we have created with our close knit, fashion powerhouse, team of NYC Stylists here at Tradesy Closet Concierge. It’s time we introduced them to you all! These are the women that will be coming to your Curation, Styling, and Consignment Appointments. Let’s chat.

(Interviews by Lead Stylists: Jacquelyn & Dawn)

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In Conversation with: Maggie

Jacquelyn: “Let’s start this off with you Maggie! You have been a stylist with Tradesy Closet Concierge since the very beginning. How has your knowledge of NYC fashion evolved since becoming a stylist on this team and having the experience of styling the everyday New York City woman?”

Maggie: “Well, in a city where you can get away with wearing anything, I’ve noticed the average New Yorker tends to do the opposite. Having a closet full of versatile pieces lends a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched throughout all seasons by simply incorporating a few specialty pieces. Brands like Theory, Rag & Bone, and IRO are favorites among clients and help contribute to that casual and sophisticated look!”

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JB: “Versatility is everything, I couldn’t agree more. If you could give our clients one ‘never will go out of style’ styling tip, what would you tell them?”

MB: “Invest in the basics. Having high-quality pieces that are timeless will help round out and polish your wardrobe!”


In Conversation with: Iman

Dawn: “Hello Iman, if you could tell our readers and clients what your favorite thing about being a TCC Stylist is, what would you say?”

Iman: “Just one?! Well, let me think. I would say that I love helping people become more confident in their sartorial decisions and trusting their instincts. So much personality comes through in the contents of their closet and it’s wonderful to help sharpen our client’s style direction while also helping them to spend less time agonizing over getting dressed.”

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DW: “We definitely teach them that fashion doesn’t have to be intimidating! What is your ‘go to’ organizational tip/trick that you always remind our clients about in order to keep the intimidation to a minimum?”

IL: “Always shop your closet first – sometimes a great look is only an accessory or fresh perspective away. Also, your influences and inspirations change continually- save yourself from spending money and spend a little time brainstorming first. Even if you don’t wear something in a fresh way, you will be reminded of what you have and will make an investment that is aligned with what flatters you and you most likely won’t buy a variation of something you already own.”


In Conversation with: Chana

Jacquelyn: “Chana, you are known for loving a good before and after of a closet transformation! Can you share your most memorable TCC transformation?”

Chana: “My biggest closet transformation was a whole family of closets. Our first step was bringing the husbands wardrobe to perfection. Then came the hard work, there are 3 girls and they’re all in different sizes that are constantly changing, so we facilitated size boxes for convenient switch outs when necessary. This changed their life, and I now help new moms get a jump on this so it doesn’t turn into a big project. Next stop was fleshing out the moms closet because in all the shopping and great taste she has for her babies wardrobes, her own closet can use some serious work, as she will attest to herself!”

JB: “What organizational tip do you think is the most ‘life changing’ for our clients to know?”

CE: “Keeping all like-items in one place does wonders for outfit building as well an easy kept organizational system. When people aim for more specific category organization, it tends to revert back to its original state in a flash. Keep your sections category broad, your hangers the same, every item visible, and you will be well on your way to a well kept, organized wardrobe.”


In Conversation with: Ivy

Dawn: “Ivy, as a TCC Stylist we are meeting new, incredible people everyday, what is one client experience that has stuck out to you as being especially memorable?”

Ivy: “It is always a fun experience when you’re editing and organizing a couple’s closet. They both get a kick out of teasing each other through the editing process!”

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DW: “So fun! What is your number one ‘go to’ styling tip to share with our clients?”

IP: “Go monochromatic! Wear pieces in the same color family whilst playing with textures from head to toe. This will elongate your silhouette and trick the eye to make you appear slimmer and taller!”


In Conversation with: Sidney

Jacquelyn: “Sidney as the newest team member, we are so happy to have you onboard. What are you the most excited about learning from the Assistant Stylist role?”

Sidney: “Thank you, I am so excited to be a part of this team and to work with our clients. I think what I’m most excited to learn as an Assistant Stylist is the actual process of conducting a lead appointment, understanding the goals that the clients want to accomplish and planning out strategic steps to coordinate the edit effectively and effortlessly. I also am looking forward to forming the relationships and bonds every stylist has with their clients through our appointments.”

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Now you know a little bit more about us, we’re excited to get to know you, too!

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