How to Wear Vera, Monique or Melissa for Under $1,000

The Big Mouth Bride Blog Reveals the Magic Formula

How can you wear a stunning designer wedding gown like this Vera Wang Zea — which retails for over $10,000 — for under $1,000? <!–more–>

The Vera Wang Luxe Zea, 40% off on

The Vera Wang Luxe Zea, 40% off on

Today’s post on Big Mouth Bride is the third part in a fabulous series about how to buy couture dresses without the designer price tag.(Check out Part 1 and Part 2). In the post, Big Mouth Bride gives props to Recycled Bride and yours truly for this step-by-step guide:

How to wear this gorgeous Priscilla of Boston (or any designer gown you love) for under $1,000:

The Priscilla of Boston Molly, just $2,000 on

The Priscilla of Boston Molly, just $2,000 on

  1. This $2,800 Priscilla of Boston Molly dress is being pre-sold on right now for $2,000. (A pre-sale means that the bride hasn’t worn the dress yet and wants to secure a buyer for immediately after her wedding).
  2. Buy this dress for $2,000.
  3. Spend approximately $100 on shipping with insurance.
  4. Spend approximately $300 on alterations (tip: see if your seamstress can avoid cutting away length and pin it instead).
  5. Spend approximately $250 for high quality professional cleaning after your wedding.
  6. Re-list the dress and sell for $1700 – at 40% off its retail price, finding a buyer should be a piece of cake!

Total cost for a $2,800 Priscilla of Boston designer couture gown? Anyone have a guess?

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