How to Wear a Dress in the Winter Without Freezing

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I’m all for making sacrifices in the name of fashion, but when the temps drop, I won’t trade warmth for style. And while I love all dresses, from fit ‘n flares to sassy bodycon dresses, they often sit abandoned in my closet come January because it’s so hard to make them work for winter. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a few quick solutions that will help you take your favorite dress for a snow-dusted twirl this winter:

Layer up.
It can be hard to layer a dress without covering it completely or looking frumpy. This season, the sweater-over-dress trend is my new best friend. The right cozy sweater adds insta-sleeves to your skin-baring frocks. But make sure to pick a sweater that’s a flattering length. If your dress is short, try a longer sweater that hits just above the hemline — I swear, this will make you look taller! For a longer dress, layer in a sweater that’s waist-length to define your shape and avoid looking frumpy.

Layer under.
Sleeveless dresses with long-sleeved shirts underneath? Yes please! This trend is a little bit ‘90s, a little bit schoolgirl, and a lot of cozy-comfy-happy-wintertime style. Use the sleeves to add a pop of color, pair with boots and tights, and you’re ready to go walking in a winter wonderland.

Belt it.
If your layered dress outfit still leaves you feeling like a sleeping bag with legs, add some structure by belting it up. Belts that sit high at the waist can add a pop of color or polish to a neutral outfit, and flatter your waistline. Even under a jacket (or a parka…brrr!), you’ll still look shapely and well-proportioned. There are few things in life that a sophisticated belt can’t fix.

Never underestimate tights.
I used to think that tights were for ballerinas and teenagers. But there are plenty of subtle styles that work with an all-growed-up look. Look for a tight-knit, sturdy pair in black or brown, and — here’s the key — make sure that they have texture. That way they don’t have to perfectly match with your other blacks and browns, and it looks like you chose to add a style element to your outfit instead of just saying, “These tights are here because I’m cold!” There’s just one no-no: skin-toned pantyhose are never okay. They’re just not.

Give ‘em the boot.
Not only do boots allow you to pretty much wear any type of legwear underneath your dress (hellooooo, secret leg warmers!), the boots themselves will give you a healthy dose of added heat. At Tradesy, we’re getting into knee-high boots – this season, you can find everything from sophisticated leather-heeled boots to cozy and casual flat pairs. But if you pair tall boots with a dress the wrong way, it can end up looking…ahem…well, cheap. If your boots are high-heeled and sexy, wear them with a loose-fitting shift dress to balance out the look.

How do you wear your spring and summer dresses in the winter? 

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