Hermes. Ostrich. Birkin. OMG.

This rag just blew our minds

You’re a queen, a khaleesi, a Kardashian. Or, you realized that you probably should be. That means the Hermes Ostrich Birkin Bag is for you. It is, after all, a crown jewel among handbags.

hermes ostrich bag

Hermes + Ostrich + Birkin = $44,995.

Just like a good power lady, this bag will grow more beautiful with age. Its signature brique, rouge and sunset colored ostrich leather make it one-in-a-million – even for a Birkin. Yes, we know. It’s the price of a Porsche. But you can’t carry a Porsche on your private jet en route to Monte Carlo, can you? Or into the inner sanctums of a castle, or Diddy’s yacht, or to the dungeon to punish your enemies – whatever it is that queens do. We’ll leave that part to you. But, if you woke up this morning, and realized it was time to unleash your inner world dominance, this bag is the one.

(Psst…Tradesy has a collection of guaranteed-authentic Hermes bags starting at $300.)


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