Help This Sweet Guy Propose To His Girlfriend!

Wednesday – Reader Question

Note From RB Staff – This is one of the SWEETEST things we have ever seen.  A guy wrote to us asking our advice on the perfect proposal for his GF (lucky girl).  We decided to help him out one step further and post it for all of you to help offer him advice/dream proposals. <!–more–>

Happy young man gifting a ring to a beautiful woman

Hi Ladies.  I could use some advice.  I know my sister has been obsessed with this site since planning her wedding so I have learned about you and other wedding sites a lot lately.  Anyway, I have been living with my girlfriend – my best friend and love of my life for the past year.  No doubt she is the one.  I know how important proposals are to the ladies so I want to make this one PERFECT!  Not cheesy, embarrassing and over public but still completely magical and special.  Any suggestions?

An Awkward Guy.  Seattle, WA

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  1. Im in Seattle…I hope its me! Though, I he doesn’t have a sister getting married…so I doubt its me now… =( I need a ring! haha

  2. I would go with recreating the first date…so romantic….and I would say something like… I still feel butterflies like on our first date and would love to stick to that for the rest of my life…she would soooo melt!!!!

  3. Great idea looking for advice on this. She will remember how you do this act for the rest of your life. The main thing is to keep it personal, somethiing unique to you and her.

  4. Larisa’s advice is very good. Might I personally suggest though, that wherever you do propose, you should have a breathtaking view. This doesn’t always mean that you have to be high on a mountain, but it can also mean a kayak or leisure boat ride (maybe one where dinner is served). Sometimes, if you have a romantic view that she’s never seen before can be just as good. Some naturally romantic elements are water, wood (forestry is nice in Washington), and lights (think sunsets, twilight, or sunrises).

    Perhaps another cute thing to do is put the ring box in a gift box, then leave that in a place where she’ll find it in the house. If she doesn’t know you are looking, you can savor the reaction of complete surprise. In the other case, just give it to her, and say it’s just a little something you know she might like. Yes, this one is a bit on the cheesy side, but overall, it’s up to you. I wouldn’t suggest doing anything in public unless you are absolutely, positively sure that her answer is, “Yes”.

    Best of luck to you. Please post how you proposed so we can all know how it went!

  5. My suggestion is based on if she loves the outdoors and the wild. Since you are located in the Seattle region, why don’t you suggest that you go enjoy a day at Mount Baker, and then when you are at the most scenic and beautiful place you find, get down on one knee and take it away!
    No matter what you do, as long as you are honest and tell her how much you love her, you CANNOT go wrong!

  6. My husband went the traditional route and I will never forget it. It may late May so it was nice and warm out and we were taking a walk. We stopped at a bench by the river and sat down and chatted for a bit. Out of no where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! We’re celebrating our one year anniversary this June 10th! ♥

    I loved my husband’s proposal! Best of luck to you!


  7. You know her best. What does she love to do? Does she like the outdoors? Is she a foodie? What are her hobbies? Maybe taking her to a place that means something to you would be a good idea. My fiancé is from New Zealand and we both love the outdoors, I especially love the shore. He took me to Wharariki beach at the top of the South island and proposed to me there. After that we bought a piece of art from one of his favorite artists that had the iconic rock from Wharariki where he proposed. The best proposals are the ones with great stories. Good luck to you sir!

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