Help Heal The Santa Monica Bay

This is what I saw while running on the beach yesterday.


Peace on the Beach

Peace on the Beach

And it reminded me that for lots of Santa Monica residents, all we want for Christmas is cleaner beaches and ocean water that’s free of waste and toxins. Heal the Bay is working to make that happen right here in California, setting a precedent for other beach communities around the world. Currently on the Heal the Bay agenda:

  • Reducing marine debris like plastic bags and bottles, cigarette butts and polystyrene food containers.
  • Creating Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along the California coastline for ecosystem protection and fishery management.
  • Fighting the over-construction of coastal desalination plants.

Heal the Bay also provides the valuable Beach Report Card, which tells us how clean the water is and whether it’s safe to swim or surf.Some of my best buds will be finding Heal the Bay memberships in their stockings this year. I can’t think of a better gift (hint, hint).

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