Hanging with the Guys: Men’s Watches that Look Even Better on Women

In line with the oversized, ‘borrowed from the boys’ trend that has been keeping women comfortable and looking cool for a few seasons now, we’d like to highlight an accessory that’s having a fashion moment of its own: the wristwatch. Specifically, our focus today is on Tradesy’s collection of watches that err on the so-called ‘masculine’ side. These timepieces are the ones with round, larger faces and a retro feel. Style-wise, they look like they might belong to your boyfriend— or to your grandfather, your dad, or even your brother. Their understated design is what makes them so versatile and, well, handsome, which in turn grants this accessory impressive longevity. Ironically, the best watches to collect are the ones that look timeless.

If you’re in the market for a new watch, consider first when you want to wear it: everyday, to work, or at formal events only? What color face do you prefer? Which dial style? Gold is a little flashier than silver, which is slightly more fancy than brown or black leather, but know that you can always swap out the band to suit it better for different occasions and outfits. The simpler it is, the more elegant it will look. The trick here is to make sure that while the clock’s face looks a bit too big for your wrist, the band itself is not. Remove some links or buy a smaller strap if you have to. We’re playing with proportions and treating this piece like jewelry, but your watch is not a bangle, ladies.

Wristwatches, and men’s watches in particular, are traditionally quite expensive and therefore viewed as investments. On Tradesy, however, you’ll find a range of beautiful options (including Rolexes!) listed at more affordable price points. Give your smartphone a break by not relying on it to tell time. You’ll look smarter yourself if you’re wearing an actual watch, the old-school way— we promise.

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