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A Maria and Evan update 

Last week, the RB Blog featured this story about Maria, whose husband Evan was in a car accident a few months before their wedding. Maria is selling her gorgeous Maggie Sottero wedding dress to pay Evan’s medical bills. I posted their story on the blog to help her find a buyer, and asked some friends in the wedding community to help get the word out. <!–more–>

Here’s what happened:

There was power in numbers. In just 6 days, over 1,000 people read about Maria and Evan on the RB blog, and the listing for Maria’s dress was viewed more than 400 times. On Twitter, 45 people tweeted about the story, and it appeared on 10 other websites.

I learned never to underestimate the generosity of a determined bunch of bridal bloggers. Stories about Maria and Evan were published by the kind hearts at The Broke-Ass Bride, the Earthly Affair blog, Elegance and Simplicity, Destination I Do magazine’s blog, Landlocked Bride, OneWed, Para Ti Novia, and The Anti-Bride.

It was easy to get interest for a gorgeous dress at a great price. Maria has already been contacted by several potential buyers, and it looks like she’s thisclose to selling the dress! So you keep your fingers crossed for a sale, and I’ll keep you posted when it happens — deal?

People are good. Just when it seemed that the universe had been as generous as one could reasonably expect, inquiries started pouring in from people who didn’t need a wedding dress, but wanted to help Evan and Maria pay off their bills anyway.

So Recycled Bride has set up a fund on Maria and Evan’s behalf, where you can contribute to help them pay off those medical bills. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and even small amounts go a long way. Imagine this: If every person who read last week’s post gave just $5, Evan and Maria would be able to cut their debt by almost half!

Maria and Evan

Maria and Evan

Lots of newlyweds struggle to save enough money for their future, but it’s hard to imagine losing your entire nest egg to medical bills, then starting your marriage injured and deeply in debt. Maria and Evan had a pretty tough 2009. Let’s help them make 2010 a year of hope, health, and happiness.

Donate now >>

*Many thanks to Emily at Good With Style and Carolyn from The Anti-Bride for their advice and inspiration!

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