Givenchy’s Snakeskin Re-doux

This boot will blow your mind

The French House of Givenchy has had several head designers in its storied history, but none so colorful as Riccardo Tisci who has led design for the French luxury brand since 2005. Unlike most of his fashion-designer contemporaries, he goes on spiritual retreats in India, hasĀ non-conventional living arrangements and designs clothes that are sensual, romantic and inspired by religion and nature. And, he nails a snakeskin boot. We lost our minds over Givenchy’s Zip-up Snakeskin Bootie.

Givenchy Boot750

With its muted scales, concave heel and zippered back, this is a brilliant update of the classic snakeskin shoe – the one that brings to mind Southwestern biker bars and floating tumbleweed. Tisci is legendary for mixing modern luxury with a dark, gothic quality, and the result is out-of-the-box wow – as is the woman he designs for. This boot is for the adventuress who defies boundaries, seizes her originality and makes her own way in the world. If this describes you, we say word. Go on and get it.

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