Fred & Kameela: Elegant Perfection

A classically elegant wedding, perfectly executed and beautifully photographed

Great chefs create recipes that support, rather than overwhelm, the taste of fresh ingredients. Some of the best architects and interior designers create spaces that are purposefully simple, carefully designed to emphasize the people and activities within. (I promise, this is going somewhere!) Sometimes the best creative moments happen when you skip the bells and whistles and design something that emphasizes its own true nature.

Fred and Kameela’s wedding is a perfect example of this. It’s a wedding that doesn’t try to be anything more, and its stylish simplicity is the perfect backdrop to showcase the obvious warmth and joy of the day. The entire event is perfectly curated and simply stunning. It’s formal without being stuffy, detailed without being overdone, and every single gorgeous photo conveys a story about this beautiful couple and their friends and family.

The pitch-perfect pics were taken by Cesar and Tanya of Perez Photography. They’re one of my faves, and the exceptional photos on their blog are great for inspiration!










This shot of Fred is one of most moving wedding pics I’ve ever seen. What a sweet groom!




Kameela and Fred designed and made these wooden signs themselves.


Not sure if this is a relative or a friend, but very sure that this guy knows how to dress for a party. One word: Dapper. I don’t get to use that word much, and I really appreciate this guy for giving me a reason to.


The tables were named for things that were personally significant to the couple.










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  1. I have the pleasure of personally knowing Fred and Kameela Godbolt… their love is every bit as authentic as the photos captured by Perez Photography. Their wedding was a perfect blend of eco-friendly, elegance and simplicity…

    This awesome couple worked together tirelessly on details great & small to make their wedding memorable for themselves & their loved ones… Unfortunately, I could not attend but the friends that did said it was the most intimately-loving and emotional ceremony they have ever witnessed, and that speaks volumes about the love they share.

    These photos are a superb glimpse into the warmth and intimacy of the day… I am moved with joy each time I view them…. This wedding was simply a beautiful start to what I know will be an even more beautiful marriage… May God bless you both on your journey of true love.

    -TT :)

  2. Fred and Kameela, all I can say is WOW!
    When Josh told me Fred was getting married I knew whomever she was..was going to be stunning, amazing and just good people. From your pictures, I can tell you all fit. The elegance of it is breathe-taking, yet so simple. Nothing like making simple look so chic. I LOVE IT! Enjoy marriage to the fullest! Its nothing like having your best friend with you everyday all day. I’m four years going strong and counting.

    Be Blessed!


  3. What a beautiful wedding — Both the bride and the groom, look great. I really enjoyed all of the great pictures of the big day. What a special couple.

  4. Kameela! You were such a beautiful bride, and we really appreciate you and Perez Photography sharing these gorgeous photos with us. You guys did such a great job — it was all so simple yet so thoughtfully planned and sooooooooooo elegant! I fell in love with every detail the minute I laid eyes on the pics! You’d make a GREAT event planner!

  5. I am just honored that others enjoyed our wedding, as well as the pictures as much as we did. (Cesar and Tanya are the best!) Fred and I are both very simple people and wanted that to be reflected on our wedding day. But still be elegant! Although in many-a-brides-eye nothing is ever *100% PERFECT* I have to say that all the hard work that both Fred and I put into our day made it perfect for us!!

    I may have a new career ahead of me. *wink!*

  6. WOW! So many beautiful shots. What a stunning, gorgeous bride. The shots while saying their vows are so moving. The table cards would make such great convo starters. {The dapper gent has a Bagger Vance/Will Smith look… awesome!} thnx for sharing.

  7. What a great wedding! I love the little details, the shot of the groom at the altar is precious and awesome use of “dapper”, I agree 100%!

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