Flash Sale! 15% Off New Designer Wedding Dresses

Cra-zazy Limited-Time Discount from Your Dream Dress

Our friends at Your Dream Dress have done it again. Just when we thought they couldn’t go any lower on their prices for brand new designer wedding dresses, they’ve gone and upset the entire balance of the universe by offering a 15% off flash sale exclusively to Recycled Bride members! <!–more–>


In case you’re not clear on just how amazing this sale is, check out the dresses in the ad above, and compare their sale prices to their original retail prices. Holy sweet mother of the bride! This sale may very well be the only chance you’ll ever have to get decked in an envy-inspiring, $5k designer gown for, oh, somewhere between $500 and $1500. Do you know how much money that leaves you to spend on food, booze, decorations, a honeymoon, yourself??

A quick word about Your Dream Dress: I’ve gotten to know the wonderful ladies behind this business pretty well, and they are the queen bees of discount bridal. Their 14 years of experience in wedding couture means they’re connected to all of the big designers and manufacturers, and have access to the very best secret discounts (Shhh!), which lets them pass the savings on to you!

So here’s how you get your dress for a steal:

1. Be a Recycled Bride member. If you’re not a member already, sign up here. It’s quick, free, and totally painless.

2. Start Shopping!! You can shop YDD dresses here on Recycled Bride, or find an even bigger selection on YourDreamDress.com. Subtract an additional 15% from the lowest listed price on every single Your Dream Dress wedding dress from either site.

3. Use the discount code RBSALE15 to redeem your extra 15% off discount. It’s good through May 10th only!

If you need assistance choosing your dress, have questions about sizing, or just want to talk wedding gowns, don’t even hesitate to contact the incredibly informed and helpful ladies of Your Dream Dress.


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  1. Thanks Patty! After we posted this, Your Dream Dress extended their offer to include members of POWD.com as well…which is great, because it means that even more brides will be able to afford their dream designer wedding dress! :)

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