Flash Flood Fashion!

New York’s scattered flash floods throughout the week entertained us unexpectedly with an eclectic mix of street style. In a walking city with most taxis taken, the majority of women had no choice but to battle the downpour on their daily commutes to work. While some girls outfitted themselves in full-on survival mode rain gear, others dared to risk getting soaked in their sunniest skirts and heels as if they’d never heard the forecast. The varied approaches to dressing for days of rain proved that personal style on storm watch can either sink or swim. Here are some tips to keep you looking cute as the second half of summer’s chance of showers rises:

A Secure & Durable Bag

FLOOD-Bag via WhoWhatWear

Along with the snug cross body bags, the best bags in the downpour were tote bags with zip and shine. Hands were full as women raced the slick sidewalks to get either indoors or underground ASAP. Not having to worry about drenching the contents of your handbag was a plus for most ladies this week. Tote bags, tucked under shoulders and made of water-resistant fabrics, accomplished that task best with a long top zip ensuring the safety of objects inside. We particularly love the look of a patterned or monogrammed bag adding a vibrant pop to a plainer ensemble. An alternate option, of course, is the on-trend knapsack, which leaves both hands free to firmly grip an umbrella.

A Funky Umbrella


via FashionCake

It’s an obvious rainy day suggestion, but one that’s often overlooked as many women carry those boring black travel umbrellas from drugstores. Of course, the guys selling basic rain gear on the streets in Soho also made a killing off of desperate commuters. The moral of this week’s weather forecast is that it’s a good idea to keep a super cute umbrella handy. A large, sturdy umbrella with a long handle is worth your closet space because it’ll keep you bone dry as you walk and be less likely to collapse in the wind. And please: take advantage of that fabric real estate with some rain cover art! A splash of bright color, a print, or a pattern overhead will not only take you far on the streets style-wise, it’ll brighten the grey days of the pedestrians around you.

A Light Jacket

FLOOD-light-jacketvia SnapStyle

In the city and en route to work, a proper raincoat gets sweaty as it traps heat. Trench coats from Burberry or APC are classic rainy day choices, but those coats, too, are too heavy for July. Fortunately, there are lots of lighter jacket options that breathe well in the summertime shvitz. All you need here is a thin layer between your bare skin and those drops. A water-resistant, tailored sheath is a smart thing to have on hand and a great piece to pack for travel. Otherwise, as opposed to last summer’s safari jacket, we think a baseball jacket or letterman jacket offers the ideal rain coverage in style. For day or night, those sleeves will keep you warm and dry, but looking cool.

A Sporty Touch


via TheClassyIssue

Long hair, don’t care? We doubt it. In the rain, to avoid looking like you just stepped out of your actual shower, hair looks best when it’s tied back in a sleek pony or bun. This week’s most impressive girls on-the-go, however, were the ones who took their haircare one step further with either a headscarf or hat. A baseball cap was by far both the easiest and chicest option, knocking that on-trend athleticism out of the park.

Shower Shoes

FLOOD-Shower-shoesVia SSStreetSyle

We absolutely love the rain-friendly, slip-on, vans-esque sneaker trend, but another shoe style stole hearts this week. Whether yours are Givenchy, Birkenstock, Celine, or Zara, flat sandals made their welcomed comeback in a major way this summer. Comfortable to run around in and better looking than traditional flip flops, this style of footwear fares the best getting wet. The women who paired their chunky flat sandals with breezy, well-proportioned garments looked impossibly chic as they made their way through the storms. Outfit-wise, we loved the sandal-clad women in minimalist, lightweight LBDs (which showed no wrinkles or water stains) and those in cotton tanks and T’s tucked into baggy culottes. A blend of pants, shorts, and a maxi skirt, culottes are this season’s must-have for sartorial sophistication, and they also happen to double as really rad rain pants.

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