Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond for Sale

Yours for just $15 million, give or take.

This rare vivid blue diamond ring is going up for auction at Christie’s in October. Clearly, the owner was not aware the he could post it on and avoid all those nasty auction house commissions. Live and learn. <!–more–>


In the market for a bauble like this one? Get the details from the AP >>

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  1. Wow. What a rock :)I love jewelry but that sure is a price tag :) Personally I love different looking jewelry like this but more vintage or antique like I have seen on the JIC site. They are actually holding a great contest called Gems Among Us where you can nominate you mom or anyone for just being great :) Best part is the nominee wins $5,000 in jewelry ;) Do you think Christie’s would take that for the ring! LOL.

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