Fabulous Heirloom Wedding Portraits

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Why buy another boring registry item for your bride-and-groom buddies? Here’s a unique alternative: an original custom wedding portrait by Los Angeles painter Baret Boisson, an artist whose distinctive commissioned works have earned her an international celebrity clientele. <!–more–>

Collection of Nancy Juvonen and Jimmy Fallon

Collection of Nancy Juvonen and Jimmy Fallon

I recently had the pleasure of visiting  Baret in her studio and got to take a peek at her delightful, whimsical modern American folk art paintings. Baret’s works are amazing because they truly capture the essence of her subjects, and transport the viewer into a world saturated with color and joy.

I’m not the only one who’s impressed by Baret’s talents — her paintings are collected by the likes of Sumner Redstone, Jimmy Fallon, Jane Pratt and Elizabeth Taylor. Kathy Ireland, supermodel and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, says, “It is a privilege to collect works of art by Baret Boisson. We have Baret Boisson originals throughout our home! “

Collection of Sumner and Paula Redstone

Collection of Sumner and Paula Redstone

A wedding portrait by Baret is a very special gift that’s sure to become a treasured family heirloom. She’s currently accepting selected new commissions, and is offering a special discount to all Recycled Bride members. Contact Baret and mention the RB blog in the subject line to get 10% off all wedding and family portrait commissions.

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  1. We received a Boisson original and we absolutely adore it! The thing about Baret’s work is that it simply makes us happy. Her playful nature and wit are both classic and modern at the same time. Our painting fits us and our house perfectly.
    We can’t wait to get another!

  2. THe thing about having a Boisson original and a personalized painting is that it is absolutely PRICELESS! Our friends all chipped in to buy us
    one of Baret’s commissioned paintings as a special gift for friends and it was better than any appliance or gift certificate that we have EVER received. THis is a gift that we will enjoy forever!

  3. Hey Meredith,

    You’re right, they’re expensive! But Baret really labors over them and spends so many hours getting it just right. And because she doesn’t produce tons of paintings, they become more valuable in the art market. My husband and got around the pricing issue by chipping in with a group of friends to commission a wedding portrait for someone we know.
    Good luck with your wedding…and those inevitable wedding bills!

  4. Hmm…you “accidentally” forgot to mention that they cost 3500!!!! Wow. $350 off. That’s not that much. I’ve got real wedding bills to pay.

  5. I completely agree – Baret’s work is at once inspiring and comforting. I absolutely love her art work and would be thrilled to get a commissioned portrait as a bridal or any gift!

  6. I absolutely adore baret and her work…I purchased my very own this year and it hangs proudly in my home. Her work is not only “beyond words” for the originality – but i’m sure that one day many years from now her work will be shown to millions in museums as a true example of an ‘american artist’.

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