England: A Destination Wedding Like No Other

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Destination weddings have been a popular wedding choice for quite a while now.  A wedding abroad really feels like an event, taking you far from your day to day life and allowing you to begin your new life together in style.

country estate wedding

The beach wedding, once the perfect romantic location for a unique ceremony, has lost a little of its impact through popularity, but fear not! There are endless ways to make your destination wedding a little bit different. Think beyond tropical destinations and beach venues to make your wedding stand out from the crowd and create the wedding of your dreams.

The romance of an English country wedding is unrivalled. Dusty pink roses, delicate lace dresses, china tea cups, and colourful bunting all combine to capture the timeless elegance of times gone by. You’ll walk down the aisle in a haze of nostalgia, feeling as your grandparents did fifty years ago.

Your options are endless as far as locations go when planning a wedding in England. Anything from the grandeur of a castle to the quaintest of cottages and anything in between can be yours. One option that you may not have considered for a wedding venue and accommodation are the grand country estates available through cottage rental agencies like Sykes Cottages. There is no shortage of lovely English wedding cottages to choose from for your big day and they offer so much more than just a lovely location (though they definitely offer that as well!)

The Croft

The English county estate or country house has been a part of the English landscape for centuries. Generally designed as country playgrounds for the rich or stately homes for the landed gentry they are characterised by elaborate architecture and manicured grounds. Visions of Downton Abbey should be coming to mind – beautiful gardens, elegant ladies, and gentlemen in top hats.

The beauty of an English country wedding held at one of these estates today is that anything goes. You can make it as grand or as relaxed as you choose. Smaller wedding parties could be accommodated indoors, with some homes having grand dining rooms, while larger celebrations can be accommodated outdoors under a marquee. Filled with twinkling fairy lights, candles, and delicate china you will quickly forget that you are in a tent.

If you’ve never visited the UK you may be wondering where you should hold the most important day of your life. Again, you are only limited by your imagination. If you have a large number of guests travelling with you from abroad you might want to consider the areas surrounding London, where most guests are likely to fly in to. The counties of Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Surry are all popular destinations, renowned for picturesque villages and countryside.

Alternatively, a more adventurous couple may choose to hire a cottage in the Lake District, a beautiful area in the north east of England that is filled with sweeping mountains and sparkling lakes. The Lake District served as inspiration for some of England’s best known poets and artists, including Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, and Beatrix Potter. The area even features in Arthurian legend, many believing it to be the Grail kingdom of Listeneise. You would struggle to find anywhere more romantic than this.

Vintage china

While you are considering the perfect place to hold your upcoming wedding, do add England to the list. Here a wedding like no other can be yours, filled with romance and beauty, luxury and elegance. Whether you choose a quaint cottage as your perfect location, or a grand country estate, rest assured that your day will be perfect and set the stage for a wonderful future together as husband and wife.

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  1. Great post Tracy you’ve made an English country wedding very inviting. And the pictures are gorgeous, I especially liked the table setting.

    What’s the cost of a typical English country wedding?

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