Edible Petals

Delight your guests and glamorize you wedding menu with blooms you can eat

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From salads to champagne, edible flowers add whimsy and surprise to dishes and drinks. Marigolds, lavender, pansies, violets and roses are some of the more popular floral garnishes.

Edible Flowers

You can buy edible flowers yourself and give them to your caterer to use for garnish. When shopping for blooms, be sure the vendor sells organic, pesticide-free produce. If you suspect the flowers have been sprayed with chemicals, don’t buy them. Even if the petals are purely eye-candy, chemically-laden blooms can contaminate your food. Foliage you do use should be gently washed in lukewarm water – then pat dry. Many plants are edible, but some are toxic, so make sure you check a poison database before serving a plant’s petals to your guests.

You can even grow edible florals yourself! Inspired by our petit tart with miniature roses?  These tiny buds, while delicate in appearance, are surprisingly easy to grow. They thrive both indoors and outside, and you can control their quality by raising them yourself. It’s a fun and easy DIY project for the green bride…with a green thumb!

Check out some valuable tips for incorporating edible flowers into your wedding décor, or purchase your own edible flower seeds here!

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  1. Absolutely lovely! Edible flowers at a wedding are a reminder that both marriage and nature are simple and beautiful. Thanks for the tip!
    -Deb for Ecover

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