Eco-Brides, Your Prayers Have Been Answered

‘Twas not long ago that a bride searching for green vendors in her area would have to comb the Internets, finding scraps of information scattered here and there. Not anymore! Thanks to our friend Kate over at The Green Bride Guide, you can now easily search a centralized database of green wedding vendors from all over the US, Canada and the UK. It’s the Green Bride Guide’s Green Wedding Directory, and Recycled Bride is proud to be listed as a vendor and to be part of this valuable resource. <!–more–>


The best part about the Green Wedding Directory is that all vendors write a brief statement about exactly what makes their business green, and that information is made available to users. And all of the businesses in the directory are approved by the Green Bride Guide, so you can be sure to avoid greenwashing (That’s when companies talk eco-friendly talk without walking the walk.)

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