Does Size Matter If You Are Marrying A Billionaire?

Tuesday Treat – Did Priscilla Chan get shortchanged on the size of her ring from Mark Zuckerberg?


The paparazzi has been going mad saying that Mark Zuckerberg’s new wife got ripped off with such a small ring.  What are your thoughts? <!–more–>  He is a billionaire – should he have sprung for something more or does it not matter? READ MORE

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  1. I agree with Lisa and also, we don’t know what that ring means. It could be a family ring, or maybe that is the one SHE wanted. People are too considered with being show-offs…I think it’s a lovely piece of jewelry.

  2. Priscilla Chan is a doctor. She will be treating patients and interacting with the public. She is wise enough to realize that she needs a modest ring so as to not draw attention to her status as Mrs. Zuckerberg as she works as Dr. Chan.

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