Divorced Man Suing Wedding Photographer

This story is nuts!!

New York City’s Todd Remis is suing his wedding photographer for not capturing his big day the way he wanted it — despite the fact that he and his wife divorced in 2010. <!–more–>

Todd Remis and his ex-wife on their wedding day

Todd Remis and his ex-wife on their wedding day

Todd says that he paid  $4,100 to hire the H & H photography studio to take photos and video of his 2003 wedding to Milena Grzibovska. But when he discovered that the photographer had missed the last fifteen minutes of the party, including the last dance and bouquet toss, he got into a dispute with the studio that has landed them in litigation.

Remis is suing H&H for “infliction of emotional distress,” among other charges. In addition to getting a refund for his $4,100, Remis wants H & H to pay $48,000 to fly the wedding’s principals back to New York, so that a different photographer can re-shoot it.

Friends report that Remis wouldn’t even know where to find his ex-wife for the staged wedding shoot, since she’s fled to Latvia since their divorce. The photography studio is said to have already spent $50,000 on legal bills.

“It was unfortunate in its circumstances,” said Remis in his deposition, referring to the separation, “but we are very much happy with the wedding event and we would like to have it documented for eternity, for us and our families.” See the full story on Yahoo.

What do you think? Should Todd get his wedding recreation and his refund??

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