Costume National. Now.

Unleash your inner Sophia Loren.

Has your well-honed Milan style gotten a tad watered down since junior year abroad in Italy?  If so, you might be as thrilled as us to find this Costume National sandal – perfectly beautiful for traipsing streets, partying at night or lying in gondolas, should you take a weekend trip to the Venice of your mind.

Costume National Shoe

Costume National Black Platforms, $211

If you haven’t heard of Costume National, you are in for a treat. Established in the 80’s by Ennio Capasa, this true-blue Milan fashion power-house is known for its innovative designs, beautiful craftsmanship and high-end leathers. Costume National is actually one of Italy’s most successful fashion brands, though it is lesser known in North America. That, of course, may not be the case once you brush up. So wear the sandal and hit some roads. Apparently, they all lead to Rome.


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