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Flor carpet tiles are the bomb. They’re eco-friendly, stylish and versatile. And right now, in honor of Earth Day 2009, they’re having a 15% off sale on their Natural Fibers collection, featuring carpet squares made from natural materials like coconut fibers and wool. (Use this code when you order: FPE9DW) <!–more–>



The hubby and I discovered Flor about a year ago, and we’ll never go back to old-school carpet. The best part about the carpet squares is that you can pick them up individually for cleaning if you have a spill or a stain. Our two dogs have done all kinds of obscene things to our Flor carpet, and it’s nice to know that we clean or replace a single tile if we have to, intead of doing the crazed spot-treatment panic-dance we used to do when the pooches soiled our old carpet.

We have the Fedora tiles, which are made with 80% recycled fibers and are on sale for 15% off for Earth Day too (Use the same code as above). The Fedora line is really cool and flat and modern looking, and has no shag at all — which means no fluffy stuff to trap pet hairs and dust. We laid it wall-to-wall in our old apartment, and then when we moved to a bigger place with wood floors I just rearranged the squares into throw rugs.

It’s the simple things that make us married folks happy :)



Flor is pretty easy to install, expecially if you choose a simple design. But if you’re an ambitious DIY-er, there’s plenty of room to get funky with different shapes and color combinations.

And (as if it could get any better!) Flor carpet has low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), which means better indoor air quality for you and makes the tiles a nice choice for nurseries or people with respiratory issues.  They also have an awesome Return and Recycle program.

Flor carpet recycled home


Oh, and one last thing: Robert and I removed our old carpet by ourselves before we installed Flor tiles. It had only been there for a few years, but the ick factor was indescribable. Do you know what kind of toxic yuckiness gets trapped underneath your carpet and its padding? I humbly suggest you find out…then do something about it.

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  1. We just got FLOR carpeting in our condo and we love it. Never going back to regular carpet. We love FLOR…!!

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