Christine and Jonathon’s Paris Circus Wedding

An intimate celebration in the City of Lights unites two fiery and unique performance artists

It’s not often that the job descriptions of our brides and grooms include “defying gravity”. But this Wedding Porn Wednesday is truly unique, featuring an extraordinary couple whose sweet Paris wedding was anything but conventional. <!–more–>

Christine and Jonathon decided on a destination wedding because they both love travel. Most days, you’ll find Jonathon in New York, DC, Boston, or on the Santa Monica Pier, teaching students to fly while running his famous trapeze school.

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And Christine, an accomplished arial artist, is usually doing something like this…


…or this…


It sure beats an office job, huh? Everything that these two do is an adventure, and their wedding was no different. They invited a small group of friends to meet them in Paris. Everyone was instructed to wear white, as they were all considered part of the wedding party. The day began with all of the women gathering to help Christine get ready, while the men hit the streets of Paris to buy food, flowers, and wine.


Christine’s dress was designed for her by Jonathon, in collaboration with costumer Adele Satori, who creates unique wearable art for music videos, performances, fashion and film.


Their wedding fell on a perfect sunny summer day in Paris. Jonathon eagerly waited in the hotel lobby for all of the guests and his bride, where they enjoyed champagne and fruit to start the festivities.


Then the entire bridal party walked through the streets of Paris together to reach the ceremony site, a gazebo in a park that the couple had chosen for the occasion. With no permits or special plans, the bridal party had to convince park-goers to clear the area so they could begin!


Christine and Jonathon both cried tears of joy as they recited their heartfelt vows to each other. They had no officiant, and the ceremony was non-denominational. Guests sat in a circle around them.


Each of the guests was asked to bring a piece of ribbon with their wishes for the couple written on it. One by one, they tied the wrists of the bride and groom together with their prayers. Christine and Jonathon kept the ribbons as momentos.


Finally, Jonathon sang a song that he had written for Christine.


Some of the guests who knew the song chimed in at the chorus, surprising and delighting the bride.



After the ceremony, the happily married couple and their bridal party moved to a grassy area of the park for a perfect Paris picnic, filled with food, wine and laughter.






Congratulations and many thanks to Christine and Jonathon for sharing their very special and beautiful day with us! And if you’re in LA, New York, Boston, or DC, be sure to check out Jonathon’s Trapeze School New York for life’s second greatest adventure (after marriage)…flying!!

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  1. How romantic! Paris, the park, small gathering of close friends and family, everyone wearing white, being serenaded by your husband, picnic reception, the whole sha-bang was simply romantic!

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