Celeb Couple Shows Love for Recycled Bride!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting with actress Heather Matarazzo (you may remember her from Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Princess Diaries 1&2, The L Word and last season’s Life on Mars ) and her fiancee, singer-songwriter Caroline Murphy. <!–more–>

Heather Matarazzo and fiancee Caroline Murphy

Heather Matarazzo and fiancee Caroline Murphy

These two are a truly amazing couple. Together since 2007, they support a variety of causes, including marriage rights for same-sex couples, societal integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and sustainable climate-change solutions. They’re also huge fans of wedding recycling and have joined Recycled Bride’s Facebook fan page — and invited all of their own personal friends and fans!

Heather and Caroline at a same-sex wedding expo

Heather and Caroline at a same-sex wedding expo

I can’t thank Heather and Caroline enough for their support of Recycled Bride and our mission to make weddings greener. I’ve made a donation to EQCA in their honor, in the hopes that it will soon be legal for Heather and Caroline and all same-sex couples to get married in my home state of California. You can do the same.

Once it’s legal, you can bet that these two are going to have one of the greatest green weddings ever. And we’ll have a very special treat for all RB members, because Heather and Caroline have committed to sell their wedding stuff right here and donate the proceeds to charity!

Thank you Heather and Caroline!

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