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Sean Flanigan’s pics of relaxed weddings are so nice, I blogged ‘em twice

Can a wedding can be fabulous without being fancy? Sure thing. And these photos by uber-talented wedding photog Sean Flanigan prove it. Sean attracts lots of clients who’ve planned laid-back wedding masterpieces, full of effortless beauty and whimsical touches. And he captures it all with an eye for the small, magical moments and details that truly make a wedding special.  <!–more–> You won’t find any 12-tiered cakes or cathedral trains at these affairs — just real people celebrating unforgettable moments with impeccable, casual style.

First, have a gander at Stephanie and Danny’s Seattle wedding. I’m so in love with these images that I’ve written about them before, for Groom’s Week on Dog ‘n Bird. Prepare to oooh and aaaah…


You’re about to witness one of the sweetest pre-wedding moments ever, right here at this farmer’s market…


…wait for it…


…here it is! That’s Danny, picking out his bride’s bouquet at their local farmer’s market. Have you ever seen a thing so sweet?


Stephanie’s exquisite dress looks vintage, though I can’t be sure. Check out the ankle-grazing length — so sweet and unique!


So just between us, I think that I want to marry Stephanie. She has the most amazing features, and such an incredible sense of style. Also, she proves that you don’t need a tan to look healthy and beautiful. Porcelain skin + white satin dress + crimson lips = exquisite, delicate perfection.


Hellooooo, dapper groom in a sweater vest. Too cool.


Usually, for WPW, I edit, resize, and rearrange photos into a composition that I think will work here. But Sean Flanigan is such a brilliant artist, I couldn’t even mess with the layouts on his blog. If you’ve ever studied art history, you’ll recognize echoes of diptychs and triptychs by the Old Masters, and notice painterly touches in the photos themselves. The portraits below are modern riffs on Renaissance masterpieces.


Who says a wedding cake has to be huge and ornate? A newly wedding-banded Danny cuts the chocolate-frosted cake.


The next couple in our Sean Flanigan feature are Eliza and Steve, and this wedding was featured earlier on Junebug. When she’s not busy being a gorgeous bride, Eliza is a wedding photographer — so she knows a thing or two about planning a rockin’ celebration. Cue the giant confetti, pinatas, and ping pong. Yes, ping pong!



This appears to be Eliza’s dad, and nothing was stopping him from getting to the party!


Oh, the faces! Did I mention that Sean Flanigan’s portraits are so genius I can hardly stand it?



A blue and purple palette = effortless casual elegance.



Sheet cake! Chocolates! Family fun! The reception was like a very pretty summer camp. These warm, unfussy details let the warmth and spirit of the day take center stage.


Adorable ring bearers carry cobalt satin pillows and wear herb boutteneires.


A friend of the couple’s served as their officiant, further personalizing the ceremony, which was held in a loft/photo studio and followed by a reception in the same space.



A casual wedding isn’t just hip, it can save tons of resources and therefore be a lot greener than a formal affair. Everything from the invitations to the attire can be more minimalist and reusable for a relaxed wedding like these.


Want more? Go gawk at Sean Flanigan’s wedding photography. Feeling inspired to plan your own relaxed affair? Check out this causally cool Nicole Miller wedding dress, or this short wedding dress for just $275. Pick up some gently used wedding decorations to mix ‘n match, then sit back and enjoy the party!

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