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Who knew that wedding cake disasters and other hideous baker’s mistakes could be so gosh-darn entertaining? All of these cakes are from, my new favorite destination for guaranteed ginormous belly laughs. <!–more–>


In order of appearance:

  • Best Wishes Suzanne Under Neat that We will Miss you This is the cover of the Cake Wrecks book. Rightfully.
  • CLASS 2008 OF Go on to do great things surely will this class.
  • Happy Barthy {Period} It’s not a barthy party without the cake punctuation.
  • Congratulations Michael on your Conformation Depending on your religious views, this may or may not be a spelling error.


And a happy 60th to you too, a%*hole.


You were always a crappy dad, dad!! Now have a…um…chocolate pudding pastry.


Both of these special-occasion cakes make me nauseous in their own special way. Do not look directly into the doll’s eyes.


I hear that Carrie’s Gracturations was a real milestone. And poor Albrecht. Under-appricated, even on his birthday.

And then there are the Wedding Cake Wrecks. Holy cow. CakeWrecks files these under “Bride/Baker Communications 101″. Apparently, each of these cakes was submitted by a bride who brought the left-side photo to her baker, and asked for something similar. They got right-hand side results.






What would you do if your cake turned out like one of these?! Not much you can do but laugh and hope it tastes better than it looks, right? And last but not least, below are the divorce cakes (!!!)


The ring is in its own tiny coffin. Holy morbid. And the upside-down cake below? Those are the helpless, crushed groom’s legs peeping out from underneath, all Wicked Witch-style. P.S. Your sister says hi.


Even funnier than the cakes themselves are the comments from CakeWrecks creator Jen Yates. She’s a cake wreck-commenting genius! Follow her on Twitter for updates on new cake disasters, or submit a photo of a cake wreck that you’ve spotted.

Which one’s your favorite? Have you ever seen a real-life cake wreck?

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