Buy Resale & Beat the Chanel Price-Increase on Classics

Chanel, Chanel, Chanel. Since 1910, the quilted luxury of a Chanel bag has signaled the epitome of luxury and glamour. A Chanel classic 2.55 comes with a hefty price tag that just got larger. Effective Nov.1 in the U.S., prices have increased by approximately 3-10%. So far this increase only applies in the U.S. as part of Chanel’s global price harmonization scheme. This increase (the first in 3 years) will bring prices in-line with the European market.


If you’re a fan of the timeless classics including the Boy Chanel and the Chanel 2.55, these have both been affected. The classic Chanel medium flap bag has seen the biggest increase: 10%, taking it up to $5,400. The jumbo flap bag now tags at a whopping $6,200 and the small Chanel Boy bag jumped up by 4% to $4,500!  


The brand has been quietly increasing the price on smaller leather goods like card holders and Chanel wallets for some time, but the biggest sellers have now been hit.

Now, the benefits of buying resale are proven, not just on the bank balance, but pre-loved designer bags come with a lot of benefit to the environment. They support a clean environment by reducing the need for the extraction of raw materials needed in the manufacturing process. Not to mention, buying on consignment sites like Tradesy means you can find those ‘sold out’ or hard to find designer beauties (at nearly 90% off retail prices).


So the lesson is clear, beat the price increase, save precious dollars, and invest in timeless quality by purchasing your pre-loved Chanel from the plethora of options on


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