Buy MY Never-Worn Celeste Couture Wedding Dress

After Months of Helping Other Brides Sell Their Dresses, It’s My Turn!

I have a confession: has been growing so quickly, and I’ve been so busy, that I hadn’t even gotten around to listing my OWN wedding items on the site. I posted a few quick test ads when we launched, but never bothered to fill in detailed information until today. So without further ado, meet the wedding dress that started it all… <!–more–>

I found this dress at a sample sale in Beverly Hills just a week after becoming engaged. Robert and I were driving to his chiropractor, and when we saw a sign that said “Couture Wedding Dresses – Sale”, we hit the brakes with a screech. A wedding dress sale! And here we were, engaged! Everything felt very serendipitous and exciting, and we giddliy plunked down a fast $2k-plus-tax for the first pretty gown I tried on. At that point, we had no idea when or where we’d get married, and I had yet to even open a bridal mag.

My one-of-a-kind Celeste Couture wedding dress, over 75% off retail on

My one-of-a-kind Celeste Couture wedding dress, over 75% off retail on

Needless to say, buying a dress that early on is a BIG no-no. Once our wedding began to take shape, it quickly became clear to me that this dress, while absolutely beautiful, did not match the style of the rest of the day. Telling Robert that I wanted to buy a second wedding dress was…um…awkward. I’d gone from wanting to elope to wanting to blow our savings on multiple expensive wedding dresses. Hey, planning a wedding makes us each crazy in our own special ways. So I became a “two-dress bride”, and this dress became the never-worn, never-altered catalyst for the beginning of

And what a lovely, special wedding dress it is! This dress was handmade right here in California by Norma Lenain, the famous Argentinean couturier who opened Celeste Bridal Boutique in Beverly Hills over 25 years ago. When Robert and I stumbled upon this sample sale, Norma had just had a stroke, and her wonderful husband and daughter were closing the shop so that she could recover and semi-retire. The store was filled with amazing luxe creations made of some of the finest materials I’ve ever seen. You can read more about Celeste here.

The dress is way bigger than it looks in the photos, as it was pulled tight in the back using clips when I tried it on (you can see them in the bottom right photo above). It would fit a woman who wears up to a street size 10, or could easily be altered to fit someone much smaller. It’s handmade from satin-silk organza and imported french lace. It was a steal when I bought it for $2200, as it still bore the original $4,000 pricetag. I’ve decided to sell it for only$900 because I’m just dying to see another bride wear and enjoy it! I may even be willing to negotiate, if whoever buys the dress promises to recycle it again after their wedding.

Check out my Celeste Couture Wedding Dress ad now for more details! Then make me an offer I can’t refuse.

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  1. I was in the same boat! I bought a dress about 2 months after getting engaged, with over a year until my wedding. Needless to say, my personal style as well as they wedding style changed. For my second dress (once my husband agreed that we could buy the new dress and my parents got over being mad), I searched for months, and traveled 5 hours to find the perfect dress. It was SO worth it, and I couldn’t have imagined being in any other dress on my wedding day. :) I just may have to list my first dress on here!

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