Bridalplasty: The Fast Track to Shedding for the Wedding?

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Brides are under so much pressure these days to look their absolute best on their wedding day and some of this is so extreme that they are going under the knife to perfect their image before the big day.

I recently remember seeing a program on the E! Network titled Bridalplasty which was literally a competition between brides-to-be that warped their bodies to fit into their ideal wedding image. This obsession of having a fairy tail day is now a norm when it comes to planning a wedding. This article on discusses the extremes that women are undergoing to perfect their image on their big day.

“One recent survey revealed that 10 per cent of brides now undergo surgery or injections of Botox and fillers before their weddings.[…]  ‘We have seen a 13 per cent rise year-on-year in bookings for pre-wedding surgical treatments,’ says Riccardo Frati, consultant plastic surgeon at the Harley Medical Group, adding that the most popular techniques are liposuction and breast augmentation.”

Budgeting for these procedures often leads to cutting other costs for the event but some brides feel that this is something they must do to feel confident on their wedding day.

According to the article, for Alice, feeling confident that her wedding photos would be faultless meant her nose job — or rhinoplasty — was worth every penny. ‘As I posed for photo after photo, feeling relaxed and happy, I knew the surgery had been vital to my confidence,’ she says. […] ‘The problem with a less than perfect nose is there’s nothing you can do to conceal it,’ she says. ‘You can pad out small breasts. You can dress to conceal excess weight, but you just have to live with your nose — or have it fixed. I couldn’t face spending my big day stressing about how the pictures would turn out.’

The question for you brides is how much is too much? Is shedding for the wedding acceptable? Is your husband going to worry about all of these insecurities that are occurring before the nuptuals? Lastly, is it safe to undergo such major procedures when there is so much stress endured in planning a wedding? What do you think?

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