Bridal Brawl Caption Contest!

Arizona bride Angela Davito made sure she had something blue at her wedding…that is, something black and blue. And it was the police officer she kicked right before she was arrested. <!–more–>


The Saturday night backyard wedding went from blissful to all-out-brawl when a melee between guests and bridal party members got so heated that neighbors called the police, complaining of people “killing each other” at the celebration.

Instead of dessert, partygoers topped off the evening with a heaping helping of pepper spray. But even that failed to calm the situation, and the peppery-eyed bride attempted to attack another guest. That’s when the officer who tried to restrain her was rewarded with a wedding wallop — a kick from the bride’s stylin’ cowboy boots!


That’s Angela, above (photos courtesy of ABC Local). Ain’t she purty? These pics were snapped right after Angela was arrested and charged with assault and obstructing governmental operations. Mazel Tov to the happy couple!! What better way to show love for your new wife than by posting her bail on your wedding night??

Now we want to hear your wittiest, silliest, smartest caption ideas for these pics. You can enter as many times as you want, and the Recycled Bride Team will pick our favorite caption to win a $50 Target gift card this Friday, April 1st at 5pm PST. You can leave your captions here in the blog comments, or on our Facebook page. Make us laugh the hardest and the prize is yours!!!

UPDATE  – 4/2/11 at 2:45pm PST


We loved Marit’s clever caption:

“Ironically, her signature drink was the Alabama Slammer.”

and have awarded her a $50 Target gift card. Thanks all for entering!!!

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  1. You know the mugshot guy is going to start billing himself as a wedding photographer. Specializes in head on and profile portraits.

  2. Well, the blogs always told me that a memorable wedding was better than an expensive wedding. DIY police pepper spray party was a great idea and didn’t cost as much as that band wanted to charge me!

  3. On the menu tonight is a Spicy BRIDE, packed with Punch, seasoned with Pepper. Made with Blood, Sweat and Tears!

  4. Bride arrested on wedding day. Family confident that the rest of their lives can “only get better from here”.

  5. The bride tells her Mikhail Baryshnikov (ish) husband, “I knew these shit kickers would come in handy”

  6. Jersey Shore: GTL…DTF…Cabs ahhh heah
    In Gilbert, Arizona this translates to: Groin Stompers, Tan n’ Tutu, Lashes…Down To Fight…Cops ahhh heah

  7. Davito’s plea to Gilbert, AZ officer, “I just wanted to get myself on a top bridal blog, so I thought committing fashionista suicide was my best bet. Pairing up this hideous fountain of tulle and satin with my so-two-years-ago cowgirl boots just wasn’t enough to pull it off, so I needed a backup plan. I had to fight the pregnant lady, she was my last hope!!!”

  8. Wedding dress/whatever that is=$59.99
    Loosing your mind and going ape on your guests, while everyone records it and posts it on youtube=priceless
    no really priceless, maybe she did not have enough money to hire a videographer for the wedding, so a mug shot and youtube will do for long lasting memories ;)

  9. Local ballerina-bride arrested for a case of faulty impersonation. While attempting to present herself as a sweet and innocent bride, there was no hiding her inner black swan. Officers recognised her immediately. While being taken away the ballerina-bride was heard muttering through a mess of stage makeup and tears “I just want to be perfect….I was perfect… I felt it. Perfect. I was perfect.”

  10. Photo 1: Chuck Norris: 1, Bridezilla Who Stole His Boots: 0

    Photo 2: Bridezilla Waterproof Mascara: “No-Smudge Lashes. Even When You Lash Out.”

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