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The Wall Street Journal recently published H&M’s third quarter profits from June 1st to August 31st, which climbed 20% to roughly $974 million.  Sales were likely up back then in light of summer’s drop in temperature, when the eyes of shoppers were set—albeit early—on cozy knits.  Now, September’s heat wave has given those numbers a run for their money.  Earlier this week, H&M reported that between September 1st and 23rd, sales grew by a mere 7 percent.  Their low profit is undoubtedly connected to the weather’s unusual warmth this past month and the fact that most people just aren’t quite ‘feeling’ fall sweaters, parkas, or boots for the sun.

Dwindling sales aside, there’s been lots more sweet-ish news for the beloved Swedish retailer as of late.  24-year-old French fashion student Eddy Anemian, who studied at Brussels’ La Cambre School, won H&M’s annual design award earlier this year.  As promised, he produced a truly gorgeous 10-piece capsule collection that will be sold worldwide in-store as well as on the official site—which, by the way, is reported to expand next year when H&M launches eCommerce in 8 to 10 new markets online.  Take it from us: this limited edition collection is not to be missed—its high-styled elegance is unparalleled at H&M’s blessedly low price point.  Crafted with volume, texture, and bold floral graphics, Anemian’s pieces range from $29.95 to $349 and will be on sale as of October 23rd.

Finally, the biggest coup, of course, is news that was announced in April at Coachella:  Alexander Wang is behind the next H&M collaboration, which launches soon in early November.  On Thursday morning, the designer released images from the line’s upcoming ad campaign featuring a mix of fierce-looking models and athletes dressed in H&M gear.  Shot by Mikael Jansson, these photos evoke a tough, brawny, and empowered vibe, which sounds about right for the Wang aesthetic and its on-trend punch of athleticism.  We think Alexander Wang is the perfect match for H&M’s go-to black fabrics (lycra and cotton) and drapery, but there’s another designer at the top of our collaboration wish list.  Should H&M take requests, these two little words are ours: Dries, please.


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