Are You a “Honeymoonster”?

A Honeymoonster is the new post-Bridezilla nightmare — a newlywed who relentlessly edits and manages the legacy of their wedding day even after it’s over.

A term coined by The Cut, “Honeymoonster” gives us a word to describe those who endlessly rehash their weddings on Facebook, and control the story of their big day by placing constraints and rules around what can be published on their guests’ social networks.

It's over, girl. Time to move on.

It’s over, girl. Time to move on.

After planning your big day for so long, it can be hard to let go of the impulse to organize, manage, and control every last detail. Plenty of brides (and grooms!) go through post-wedding blues; an existential crisis prompted by the absence of the stress, excitement, and attention that fill the days leading up to a wedding. But once that party is over, your guests are no longer “yours” to entertain. It’s time to let go, move on, and allow people to enjoy their memories of your wedding however they see fit. Even if it means being tagged in that pic where your husband is smushing cake in your hair.

Do you know a Honeymoonster, or are you – gasp! — one of them? Let it go, lady. Find a new project, do some charity work, sell your wedding dress. A Tradesy woman embraces change and knows that letting go of one thing makes room for another. What will be your next great thing?

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