Amazing Identical Twin Marriages

What happens when one set of identical twins marries another? It’s officially called a “quaternary marriage”, and it results in lots of fun family photos! <!–more–>

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Identical twin sisters Diane and Darlene Nettemeier met identical twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders ten years ago. The sets of twins fell in love, went on a double date to Las Vegas, and won thousands of dollars at poker. Celebrating their lucky streak, they got engaged on the same day, married in a double ceremony, and built a pair of homes side by side. The couples now have 5 children between them, and despite a million-to-one odds, Diane and Craig even had identical twin boys!
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Ginna and Gaylen Glasscock started dating Erich and Nicholas Schmidt during their freshman year at ACU. Both knew they were with the right twin, because Gaylen says that she and Nicholas are more goal-oriented and outspoken while Ginna and Erich are laid back. After three years of dating, Nicholas and Erich proposed to their girlfriends together. Then the couples had a double wedding, in which they shared wedding attendants, the church and a reception (this saved them a bundle!)  Gaylen and Nicholas walked down the aisle at 4 p.m. with bridesmaids dressed in yellow. Ginna and Erich were married at 5:30 p.m. with bridesmaids wearing pink. The reception was also split – one side was decorated in pink, the other in yellow. Of course, the girls served as each other’s maid of honor, and the boys were each other’s best man
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These identical twins are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversaries, after proposing on the same day. When Frank Sinton asked Irene Evans to marry him in 1947 he had no idea his identical brother Roy had chosen the same day to propose to Joyce Toft. Now the 83-year-olds are celebrating 60 years of happy married life.
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In Yiwu, China, people were confused at how one couple managed to run their busy restaurant 21 hours a day. Locals had nicknamed the eatery the “robot couple restaurant”, since it looked as if one couple was on duty from 6am through to 3am. It turns out the restaurant is run by two identical twin couples! The twin brothers, 32, married a set of twin sisters from the same township and moved to Yiwu to run the restaurant together. “Many diners thought we worked too hard and are like robots, but they don’t know that we are actually four people,” said Mao Zhanghua, 32, the elder brother.
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