Alicia Silverstone’s Top Tips For an Eco- Friendly Wedding

Eco-Friendly Tips From Alicia

Wedding season is upon us! For those out those out there looking to have a more eco-friendly wedding day, vegan lifestyle guru Alicia Silverstone offers you some ways to do just that (and recounts her own special day).

She shares the details, a video, and photos on her website The Kind Life (

To read/see pics and Alicia’s tips click HERE-

49986_alb_xlarge_410x600_64327_1339004677By her own admission, Alicia was a little “nutty” while planning her wedding. Her focus was not only on creating delicious vegan food that all her guests would enjoy, but also on making sure every aspect of her wedding, from decorations to the location were as eco-friendly as possible. Alicia and her husband Christopher even danced on a reclaimed wood dance floor that was specially made for their wedding. Alicia now admits that it might not have been the most eco-friendly idea she ever had.

Alicia’s blog on shows an album of beautiful photos from a her mother-in-law’s wedding decades ago. Alicia is inspired by the 1950’s vintage bridesmaid dresses, and suggests readers use these photos to inspire them further.

Plus a friend’s wedding Alicia recently attended in Camarillo. With caring for the planet in mind and a beautiful setting by a lake, this wedding used rustic wood planters and wildflowers to decorate the already gorgeous outdoor venue. Alicia suggests that picking a naturally beautiful venue will help cut down on the need to use other non-eco friendly decorations.

All of the details of the green wedding are available at:

We would love to know – You don’t need to be a celebrity to have some amazing wedding tips.  What are your ideas for an eco-friendly wedding?

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