Alicia Silverstone Spills The Beans to Recycled Bride

Alicia gives us the scoop about her great green wedding, The Kind Diet, and, well..beans!

She was on The View on Tuesday. She appeared yesterday on Oprah. And today, Alicia Silverstone is hanging with Recycled Bride. Alicia’s talking to Recycled Bride’s members about her wedding, healthy weight loss tips, and how much she loves buying gently used clothes. (Us too, us too!) <!–more–>


Alicia is best known as an actress, animal rights activist, and iconic eco-chic bride. But she’s also recently added best-selling author, blogger, and lifestyle guru to her resume. With the release of her revolutionary book The Kind Diet, and the launch of her popular community-based website, Alicia is quickly becoming the Martha Stewart of real sustainable living.

Read Part 1 of my interview with Alicia here, then c’mon back on Monday to check out Part 2!


Alicia, thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with Recycled Bride’s readers. We all remember your 2005 wedding to your husband Christopher Jarecki so fondly! It was the first green wedding to get national media attention, and helped launch the eco-chic weddings trend. Can you share some of your favorite details from that day?

My pleasure! I’m so happy with each decision that we made for our wedding. The easiest decision was that the entire 3-day event would be plant based food. It was super delicious! That is the greenest thing that you can do at a wedding; serve food that is local, in season, and plant based…as much as possible.

Another decision we made was not to have flowers everywhere. Instead we had single onions and sage and vintage carafes of wine as the centerpieces on the tables. The invitations were printed on plantable, recycled paper. We rented bamboo chairs, and the wood that was used as the dance floor was reclaimed wood, and was then used after our wedding.



How did your meat-eating guests react to the plant based vegan menu?

People loved the food! That’s what was talked about the most after the wedding…how delicious the food was. We went to a regular caterer, and asked them to create a whole vegan menu. They played around, and we got to taste a bunch of dishes. Yum! That was my favorite part. Then, we chose what food we wanted at the wedding.

Choosing the food was the most important decision i made. I just really wanted everyone to just love the food so much, that they wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it!

Your book, The Kind Diet, is impressively researched and filled with great scientific information. How did you learn so much about food and health?

When I first started eating only plant based foods, I immediately saw the benefits. I experienced weight loss, got rid of my acne, had tons of energy, my skin got all glowy, and my nails got strong and lost those white calcium marks. I got rid of my asthma inhaler, and stopped having to get allergy shots. I really thought that this all must have been good karma. But then, I started doing research and found that this way of eating is just healthier for you. That many doctors, like Joel Fuhrman, Caldwell Esselstyn, and John MacDougall, were curing heart disease, diabetes and cancer through this kind of diet.



A diet that cures disease, clears up your skin, and makes you lose weight? That’s kind of amazing. Since many of our readers are brides who want to look their best for their big day, can you tell them how to use The Kind Diet to achieve healthy weight loss and beauty for their big day?

Yes, definitely! Just follow the Superhero plan in The Kind Diet, and all of your dreams will come true.

You’ve been a Hollywood actress for almost 20 years, a job that drives many stars to unhealthy eating habits and body image issues. In your book, you talk about how the paparazzi teased you for your weight when you were just a teenager. How has The Kind Diet affected your body image?

I love my body now. I just feel so good about it! And I don’t have to count calories or worry about it, ever. I have this toolbox, The Kind Diet, and I can go to it whenever I need to. I never have any fear or concern about how I live my life. I eat insanely delicious foods, feel great, and look my best! And it’s all because of The Kind Diet.

Okay Alicia, let’s talk beans. A lot of us have…um…digestive troubles when it comes to beans. And The Kind Diet contains a lot of legume love. Can you share your tips for making beans more tummy-friendly? And what about cruciferous veggies, like broccoli and cabbage?

The more you eat these things, the more tummy-friendly they will become. But to help this process along, you should always soak your beans overnight (8 hours) and discard the soaking water before cooking them. Cook beans with a small piece of kombu seaweed. Kombu helps break down the bean’s sugars as well. When cooking beans, boil them in an open pot for about 10 minutes and skim off any foam before covering them and lowering the heat. Veggies like broccoli and cabbage…eat more of them and your body will become friends with them. They may be unfriendly at first because your tummy isn’t used to them. And because your body is trying to detox the other icky stuff it’s used to.


Come back on Monday to read the rest of my interview with Alicia. You’ll get the scoop on Alicia’s favorite green beauty products, her tips for getting through winter doldrums, and her advice about how you can “falafel off” when it comes to exercise, without gaining weight! Want more Alicia right now? Check out the incredible work she’s doing over on >>


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  1. I’m one of alicia’s addict fans and I’ve watched her on movies and I agree, she was once a bit bigger. But wow, I’m impress king diet much be superb. I look at her now, she’s like 20+ of age.

    Great for Alicia!

    I love you Alicia, I love your weight loss tips!

  2. Always good to hear that a big celebrity, like Alicia Silverstone is doing all this great work — I’m ordering the book from and can’t wait to read about all the yummy recipes.

  3. This is a great story and not only does Alicia look beautiful, but she is doing some great work for mother Earth.

  4. Really enjoyed this interview! I’m a vegetarian and a bride-to-be. Alicia’s wedding is inspiring to me, love all the eco/green touches, and how she blew everyone away with plant-based foods. Yeah!

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