Affordable & Earth-friendly Engagement Rings

As seen on NBC News LA

Here are just some of the rings featured on my segment today on NBC LA’s 5 o’clock news: <!–more–>

1. Engagement rings with sapphire center stones, like the one that Prince William gave Kate Middleton, are a popular new trend. This one features an ethically sourced 1 carat Sri Lankan sapphire and Canadian diamonds on the side, is set in recycled 18k white gold, and costs just $2,800 from ethical jeweler Brilliant Earth.

2. Vintage and antique rings can be more affordable and unique than newly manufactured rings, and they don’t use any new resources to be created. This antique ring, circa 1925, is a great find from Platt Boutique Jewelers in Hollywood, and has a 1 carat center stone in platinum with emeralds and black onyx – $4,500

3. MiaDonna & Company’s “Crimson” ring features a 2 carat diamond infused simulant stone set in recycled white gold. Lab-created diamonds are very advanced and look just like Earth-mined stones to the naked eye, yet they cost just 3% of what conventional diamonds do. The side stones are ethically mined natural diamonds, and this ring costs just $1517.

4. This $450 wood ring from Simply Wood Rings has a walnut wood band and a moissanite center stone. Moissanite is a great diamond simulant, similar to cubic zirconia but with much more brilliance and fire.

5. The biggest steal here at just $200 is the “Water Lily” ring sold by Turtle Love Co., a company that sources and sells socially responsible jewelry, is handmade of sterling silver with a tiny conflict-free diamond in the center.

If you’d like more information about any of the rings featured on today’s NBC news segment, contact us in the comments below.

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