A Recycled Can Wedding

Peter and Andrea are funding their green wedding by recycling 400,000 aluminum cans.

Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer are raising money to pay for their modest wedding in Spokane, Washington, by recycling 5 tons of aluminum cans. That’s enough cans to raise $4,000, and they’re already 75% of the way there! <!–more–>

Peter and Andrea, from weddingcans.com

Peter and Andrea, from weddingcans.com

The impact of recycling that many cans is HUGE. It will save about 50 tons of carbon emissions, enough to offset 5 years of  Peter and Andrea’s own emissions, plus the impact of the wedding itself. Learn more about the project, it’s mission, and real impact on weddingcans.com.

Andrea recently asked fans of the Wedding Cans project to help her decide what to do next. Isn’t it obvious? I want to see these two finance a down payment on a house with recycled aluminum. Think it’s possible?

I do. And I have a big friend-crush on Andrea after learning that it was she who proposed to Peter on bended knee! Rock on, Andrea. You are a true Recycled Bride.

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  1. I think this is FANTASTIC!!! ANDREA, you guys rock. I love the fact that your going to have s sword fight at your wedding. HAHA Good work! We don’t drink that much soda in our house but, I will see what we can put together. I am going to post your site on my facebook though. GOOD LUCK on your adventure!

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