5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Greener

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1. The Ring

Whether it be a family heirloom, a vintage piece, or another gemstone, the ring is one of the most important parts of your engagement. It is the delicate piece that is with you as a daily reminder of the love you have found. There are many options for green rings. We love this delicate vintage piece we found on Tradesy Weddings. <!–more–>


2. The Dress

Equally as important as the ring, your wedding dress is what makes you feel the most beautiful on your special day. Finding the perfect dress to make you feel  beautiful can be a challenge. Instead of fighting the mass markets to find that overpriced, over worn piece, try a vintage or gently used option. There are so many beautiful dresses and not only is it a green option, it leaves a ton of green in your wallet!

Look at this entire section on Vera Wang on Tradesy Weddings!

3. The Venue

There are so many beautiful and extravagant venues across the globe, but equally as many beaches, state parks, local parks, and lakes. With the fees from these site rentals going right back into the community, it is a win-win for a beautiful and literally green wedding! We loved these venues!


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego


Yosemite National Park


Central Park, New York

4. The Memories

Rather than have those cheesy throw away cameras at every table and then have to actually find somewhere, most likely expensive, to get the film processed… (Where can you even do that these days?) Why not opt for a social wedding!

With each persons email RSVP, you can add them to a Flickr account where they can share their own images from their camera phones, everyone has one, even Grandpa!   This is great because every guest can see what was going on across the room while they were drinking champagne! This is also a great way for your brides friends and grooms friends to interact and form an entire network of new friends all thanks to your beautiful wedding!

5. The Gifts

With so much excess involved with weddings, why not take a moment to give back to a local charity or when registering for your gifts, opt for a greener option. There are so many possibilities and some of our favorites include: a local produce subscription, eco friendly products from stores you are registered at, or this foundation we found that donates a portion of all gift purchases to your chosen cause,  I Do Foundation.

We hope these tips were helpful to you earth conscious brides and we wish you the best on your wonderful wedding day!

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