Looks for the Fourth: 4 Outfits You’re Sure To See

The Fourth of July is many things: a day to remember our history; a day off of work; a day to rock those American flag print denim shorts you have buried in your closet; and for many, a day to party like it’s 1776. But the Fourth of July can also be a day to rock some serious style, even the founding fathers knew the importance of a good outfit. Anyone who managed to focus in high school history knows that revolutionary fashion played a major role in events like the Boston Tea Party.

So to honor our history, and to continue our pursuit of happiness this Fourth of July, the least we can do is to rock some killer designer duds, because no matter what your plans are you might as well look amazing doing it. And while we here at Tradesy are always committed to style, some things you may see this Fourth may be anything but stylish, but hey, freedom to wear whatever you want is probably in the Constitution somewhere.

So here are some looks you are bound to see this Fourth of July:

1. The Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Patriotic Bikini


Via Pinterest

 Whether it’s the american flag, or red, white, or blue separates, there’s bound to be no shortage of bikinis out and about this Friday. The Fourth of July seems to bring out some girls’ inner-Kate Upton, and they’ve now made these bikinis just as much Fourth of July Staples as beer and fireworks… whether they’re at the beach or far from it.

2. The Everyday Outfit… With an American Flag Face Decal


Via Crushable

This girl is practical, she definitely won’t be the one crowd-surfing at whatever party she ends up at, and there’s a chance she was torn away from some prime Netflix time by her friends. A relaxed top and simple short says summer, and that last minute patriotic face decal done by those maybe overzealous friends is enough to feign some spirit. She may not be the one chanting the national anthem at the top of her lungs, but by the end of the day we’ll have had enough of that chanting to last us till next July, so one less diehard reveler certainly won’t be the end of democracy.

3. The Dude in Short Shorts


Via Pinterest

 This guy takes his “right to bear arms” way too literally, and he throws in some thigh for good measure. His choice of shirt may vary from the go-to man tank to, well, nothing. But whether he’s showing off his best keg-stand or setting off some perhaps not-so-legal fireworks, his go-to accessories this Fourth are none other than his thighs, which may still need to catch up on their summer tan.

4. The “I was into Fourth of July before it was cool” Get-up

main.original.585x0 copy 2

Via WhoWhatWear

 This look may not be as obvious as the teeny bikini, but more and more you’ll find a hipster presence at our nation’s birthday, we’re looking at you Brooklyn (and Silverlake in our neck of the woods). This girl didn’t buy the season’s latest distressed boyfriend denim, they were totally her dad’s from way back when, that’s some real american history right there. And don’t even ask where she got her top, you already know you’ve never heard of it, and plus it for sure ironic… we think.

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