3 Things You Need to Pack This Summer

While we love spending evenings outside at backyard BBQs and on patios, summer is the ideal time to hit the road for travel.  Between the Fourth of July, weddings in other cities, vacation home visits, and bachelorette parties, it’s smart to prepare for a quick trip (or two or six), which can sometimes spring up at a moment’s notice. The best part about these weekends away is that they’re often spent with different people.  This means that if you’re out with your family, your girlfriends, your current love, or an entirely new group— you’re free to repeat outfits!  And truthfully, few things in life are better than secretly re-wearing versions of the same, awesome ensemble.  Just be sure to unpack on Sunday night and give those duds a quick rinse. Oh, and you might want to keep track of who’s uploading what on Instagram.

The first step to getting getaway-ready is making sure that you have a great bag to pack.  You want something roomy, weatherproof, and lightweight.  If you’re shopping, trust us: it’s worth hunting for a weekend travel bag that’s especially cute.  Like a good winter coat, luggage is a smart investment because it’s something that will accompany you wherever you go— particularly each time that you arrive somewhere new.  If you’re boarding a plane, a carry-on case with wheels works great.  Otherwise, we’d opt for a small duffle like a Keepall with a zipper, handles, and a sturdy shoulder strap.


Louis Vuitton Pegase 55


Chanel Quilted Lambskin Boston Duffle

The key to maximizing precious luggage space on the road is wearing your heavier items—like a blazer or sweater—on the days that you’re actually in transit.  And here’s another tip: wear the same thing for both your arrival and departure.  Sweatpants are comfy, but too hot and bulky, and leggings or thin workout pants should be stuffed in your bag.  We think the ideal base for any travel outfit is denim.  Black or blue, skinny or boyfriend, good pairs of jeans wear so well on the go.  They’re practical, comfortable, and when they fit right and look fresh, they’re appropriate for a broad mix of occasions.  If the weather cools off and suddenly calls for rain?  Jeans.  If your tour of the town turns into a night at the local pub? Jeans.  If your car breaks down and you have to wait on the side of the freeway for a not-so-hot minute?  You get the picture.


One Teaspoon Boyfriend Cut Jeans


Rag & Bone Plush Legging Jeans

Finally, another fashion lifesaver in summer weather is a gorgeous, breezy maxi dress. In certain fabrics, with jewelry and a pair of heels, these beauties can look more formal than LBDs.  We like the idea of packing one for the weekend along with a flat, neutral-toned sandal or a complementary wedge, depending on where you’re headed.   If you’re dressing for a day party, brunch, or pool, consider a bright printed dress with a flowy skirt and a waist that’s cinched.  For something that can transform from casual to quite fancy with a few finishing touches, try a solid-colored piece with a simpler silhouette.  A subtle frock like Diane Von Furstenberg’s linen maxi with an asymmetrical hem would be a total stunner, night or day.



Susana Monaco Josephine Maxi Dress

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