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Louis Vuitton LV Damier Graphite Long Zippered Wallet

Louis Vuitton Lv Damier Graphite Long Zippered


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Louis Vuitton Lv Damier Graphite Long Zippered

New with tags
7% off Retail

Damier Graphie canvas with palladium coated brass pieces and grained calf leather lining makes this a stylish organizer! Perfect for travel and everyday use! There are 12 credit card slots, 2 compartments for documents, patch pocket for tickets, zippered compartment for change, space for check book or plane ticket and a pen holder.

Item #: 5196

Type: Wallets

Condition: New with tags

Brand: Louis Vuitton

Color: Black and gray

Returns: This item is returnable. You may return it to Tradesy for a full refund or store credit. See Tradesy's Return Policy for details.

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