Ardyss Postpartum Girdle Size XXL/EEG

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POSTPARTUM GIRDLE Reduce the Appearence of "Love Handles" During pregnancy, we protected the mother-to-be with Maternity Girdle. Now, the Postpartum Girdle is her best choice for continued support. It's designed to smooth the appearance of your lower abdomen after childbirth. This garment is also recommended to reduce the appearance of "love handles" in your stomach. This garment helps the abdomen and back muscles by redistributing weight. Our Reshaping Solution When Worn: * Helps encourage back support. * Provides support to the pelvis after pregnancy. * May support lower stomach to appear flatter and smoother. * Has a buttocks support band. * May also be used by those with voluminous abdomens to obtain a smoother appearance.

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Item #: 407427

Type: Miscellaneous

Brand: Other

Color: Beige

Style Tags: Ardyss

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