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Tracy DiNunzio

CEO & Founder, Tradesy

Tracy DiNunzio is our fearless CEO and Founder. Her journey definitely isn’t your average success story. She took the road less traveled – and got better shoes every step of the way.

DiNunzio grew up in the suburbs of New York and studied painting at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, then got her Master’s in Fine Arts in Mexico. The experience sparked her wanderlust, and she spent the next decade traveling, making art, and working odd jobs all over the world. Surprised, yet?

In 2009, DiNunzio craved a career change, and with funds from selling her car and the last of her artwork, she launched a wedding resale marketplace called Recycled Bride. Running a one-woman startup show, she learned all about design, coding, marketing, and business modeling, and funded the venture by renting her bedroom on Airbnb while sleeping on the couch. She soon saw an opportunity to go beyond bridal, and expanded her startup to women’s fashion resale.

Welcome to the world, Tradesy.

Tracy’s been known to talk fashion trends and financial forecasting in the same breath. She uses her acutely artistic eye to hand-curate popular Tradesy collections and turn nitty-gritty details into big-picture vision like no other. From painter to leader, mentee to mentor, and dreamer to trailblazer, DiNunzio’s unwavering passion is a force to be reckoned with. But you won’t hear that from her because she’d rather talk about her team than herself any day of the week.

Tracy DiNunzio with clothing racks
Tracy DiNunzio sitting
Tracy DiNunzio leaning
Tracy DiNunzio with Gucci bag
So, what else is there to know?

She’s called Tradesy her “best artwork yet.”

Frida Kahlo touches her soul.


She probably knows more about biomedicine than you do.

Tracy wears designer vintage and thrift store finds and GAP and Gucci — usually together.

Her favorite place in the world is the Tradesy office. A tropical island full of cute puppies and a Beyoncé soundtrack is definitely a close second.