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Tracy DiNunzio

CEO & Founder, Tradesy
Tracy DiNunzio

Tracy DiNunzio is our fearless CEO and Founder. Her journey isn’t your typical success story. She took the road less traveled – and got better shoes every step of the way.

Tracy grew up dreaming of becoming an artist, and earned a scholarship to study painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She spent the next decade traveling, making art, and working odd jobs — from bartending to babysitting — all over the world.

In 2009, Tracy stared into her closet and didn’t like what she saw. There were pieces that didn’t fit, things she’d never even worn, and styles that no longer spoke to her. A few thrifted treasures and gems from friends stood out (like that one Chanel blazer she wore everywhere). But mostly, it was disposable fast fashion that was likely to end up in a landfill somewhere. She wanted a way to access more high-quality fashion, in ways that didn’t harm the planet or break her budget.

She imagined that other women craved a solution to the same style situation.

With funds from selling her car and the last of her artwork, Tracy launched an online marketplace from her kitchen table. It would take several years of learning, trying, and failing, before the business started to grow. So she kept her one-woman startup running by renting her bedroom on Airbnb and sleeping on the couch.

In 2012, Tracy secured her first round of financing, teamed up with cofounder Sash Catanzarite, and hired a tiny team to start working on her ultimate vision.

Welcome to the world, Tradesy.

Since then, Tradesy has sold over $1 billion of pre-owned fashion, served millions of customers, hired hundreds of team members, and helped advance a sustainable shift in consumer behavior from retail to resale.

From painter to leader, mentee to mentor, and dreamer to trailblazer, Tracy’s unwavering passion is a force to be reckoned with. She has said that she hopes her story will inspire women to pursue their dreams and create innovative solutions to big problems.

Tracy leaning on a wall.
Tracy at an event.