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About Us

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Our Story

One day, years ago, Tradesy founder Tracy DiNunzio stared into the messy expanse of her closet, and realized that it was full of things she never used. She saw a once-worn wedding dress, beautiful shoes that pinched her feet, and pants that no longer fit. Suddenly, she was compelled to simplify her life. Surely, there was someone who would treasure the things she no longer wanted, but how could she find them? Where could she easily and safely sell her things to other like-minded women?

Tracy set out to connect women’s closets. She worked tirelessly at her kitchen table, slept on the couch and rented her bedroom on AirBnB to finance early development. On October 24th, 2012, with a newly-formed team of just seven people, Tradesy officially launched.

Today, Tradesy serves millions of the world’s coolest customers, has secured backing from iconic investors like Richard Branson and John Doerr, and has been covered by Good Morning America, The Today Show, The New York Times, TIME, USA Today, and more. We’re well on our way to changing the way people buy and sell fashion, but really, we’re just getting started.

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Our Vision

Sustainable Consumption

When it’s as easy to sell as it is to buy, the massive abundance and value hidden in our closets will be revealed, and our very concept of ownership will be transformed. Our belongings will evolve as dynamically as we do when every product has five lives instead of one.

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Our Mission

Make fashion resale as simple, safe, and stylish as retail—at scale.

We’re on a mission to bring trust and fairness to fashion, making great style affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Our Values

Get anything you want

Sell the things you love when the honeymoon is over, and use the money you earn to get beautiful new things. Then, rinse and repeat. You already have everything you need to get started.

Be fearless

Become the person that your 13-year-old self dreamt about, but even smarter and tougher and with better shoes. Make the outside match the inside. Power pose. Show the world who you really, really are.

Share your style, spread the love

Corporations and ad campaigns shouldn’t control our perception of beauty. Instead, we celebrate each other’s unique style by sharing the things we love and empowering others to look great. Together, we can have it all.


Cut the clutter. Less is more. One beautiful, well-made product is better than many mediocre ones.

Transparency breeds trust

Authenticity is important, from the clothes you wear to the words you share.

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Leadership Team


Sash Catanzarite

CPO & Co-founder


Marla Hunter

Chief People Officer


Kamini Lane

Chief Marketing Officer

Board & Advisors

John Doerr

John Doerr

Board Member

Stephanie Tilenius

Stephanie Tilenius

Board Member

Jim Andelman

Jim Andelman

Board Member

Bing Gordon

Bing Gordon

Confidant, idea machine, OG

Have what it takes to join us?

We are a team that cares deeply about doing a lot with a little, and embraces doing the hard things that others dismiss as impossible. If that sounds fun, then we'd love to speak to you.

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