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Tradesy is the luxury fashion resale marketplace that empowers women to get the designer fashion they crave — on their own terms. We enable millions of customers to sell what's in their closets and fund their next shopping spree. All while saving up to 90% off retail.

Why resale? Glad you asked. Fashion is the third most-polluting industry on the planet. Let that sink in for a second. Extending the life cycle of luxury goods reduces the demand for new items and creates less toxic fashion waste. That means more affordable luxury in all of our wardrobes — and less in landfills.

Tradesy builds real technology solutions for age-old marketplace challenges, unleashing the sustainable power of peer-to-peer commerce. Our team is on a mission to change the world, one closet at a time. And while cleaning up the fashion industry is a tough job, we love a good challenge. We also love karaoke, afternoon yoga, and awkward birthdays.

The best part? We're just getting started! Scroll on to learn more about our journey, values, and most importantly, our office dogs.

Tradesy Team


It was 2009 and our Founder and CEO, Tracy DiNunzio, had a closet full of nothing to wear. A steady diet of disposable fast fashion left her dissatisfied and craving a better, more sustainable wardrobe. She started researching, and discovered that traditional fashion consumption habits were also harming people and the planet. So, she set out on a mission to change the world. Here’s how it all went down.

CEO Tracy is on a mission to fix fashion. She bootstraps an early "beta" version of Tradesy at her kitchen table. and the Tradesy app launch with a team of 6 people. Within a week, Good Morning America features the company on national TV, and orders flood in.
With over 1 million members, Tradesy catches the eyes of world-class investors, including Kleiner Perkins and Richard Branson, and secures its first large funding round.
Tradesy acquires fashion resale site Shop-Hers, and launches Tradesy for Business, a program enabling hundreds of small businesses to sell and grow on the Tradesy platform.
The Tradesy Influencer Showroom opens in Santa Monica, with a star-studded launch party. A boutique, lounge, and art gallery, the space makes international headlines with its debut collection.
Tradesy reaches $1 billion in sales -- equivalent to 25,000 garbage trucks of fashion waste prevented, with the same environmental impact of taking 100,000 cars off the road.

Leadership Team

Tradesy’s Leadership Team is going to surprise you.

They’re artists, outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers, and philanthropists. At Tradesy, experienced executives team up with newly minted leaders, bringing diverse perspectives and a deep commitment to empowering Tradesy’s next generation of game changers. You might find them alongside our team in brainstorming sessions, dropping knowledge at industry conferences, or dropping the mic at karaoke happy hour. Their coffee consumption is questionable, but their commitment to upholding our values and making Tradesy the best place for employees to grow definitely isn’t.

#Squad Goals

Agla Fridjonsdottir

Agla Fridjonsdottir

Director, Operations

Fave Karaoke Song

Say You'll Be There

Isha Vij

Isha Vij

VP, Business Development

Fave Karaoke Song

Lauryn Hill - Doo-Wop (That Thing)

Jorge Documet

Jorge Documet

Director, Technology Operations

Fave Karaoke Song

Keith Bussell

Keith Bussell

Chief Technology Officer

Fave Karaoke Song

Jesse's Girl

Kyara Paul

Kyara Paul

Director, Member Care

Fave Karaoke Song

Case of the Ex

Marla Hunter

Marla Hunter

Chief People Officer

Fave Karaoke Song

I don't sing!

Michelle Hudspeth

Michelle Hudspeth

VP, Finance

Fave Karaoke Song

Mike Hemelberg

Mike Hemelberg

VP, Engineering

Fave Karaoke Song

Sweet Child O' Mine

Randi Eichenbaum

Randi Eichenbaum

VP, Product Management

Fave Karaoke Song


Riann Ahmed

Riaan Ahmed

VP, Growth & Data

Fave Karaoke Song


Sash Catanzarite

Sash Catanzarite

CPO & Co-Founder

Fave Karaoke Song

Livin’ on a Prayer


Everyone here is an entrepreneur.

We thrive on big ideas and smart solutions.

We challenge and celebrate each other.

We come from around the world and around the corner.

We're passionate about data, ping pong, and ice cream.

We're Tradesyans — and we'd love to meet you.

CultureAt Tradesy

Tradesy Team at the office

Thought Leaders

We're more than employees — we're shareholders, co-owners, big thinkers, and entrepreneurs working together. We take care of our company, our customers, and each other.

Tradesy Halloween Party

Move Makers

We don't compete, we collaborate. There's room for everyone to advance as we grow. The sky's the limit for career paths here. Interns have become executives. What can you do?

Tradesy Holiday Party

Chance Takers

Risk doesn't scare us. Challenges don't daunt us. Fearlessness is what got us here. We're weird and original and creative and unabashedly ourselves — and wouldn't have it any other way.

Tradesy Yoga Session

Power Players

From weekly team yoga to happy hours and free catered lunches (ahem, and a fully stocked kitchen, full medical, 401k, and more), our office perks are pretty brag-worthy. We treat ourselves to flexible vacation and flex hours because we know how to meet deadlines like champs.

Tradesy Basketball League


Sustainable Consumption

At Tradesy, our big dreams are backed by real data. Our vision is a world in which seamless peer-to-peer commerce transforms the way we shop, making the production and distribution of consumer goods sustainable for people and the planet.

When everybody can easily and instantly sell anything they own, all of our belongings will infinitely recirculate into the economy, extending their lifecycle. We’ll all buy more pre-owned goods, reducing demand for items that are newly-produced.

Seamless peer-to-peer commerce, powered by cutting-edge technology, will help make this vision a reality. Resale will become bigger than retail, making consumption sustainable.

Pile of wasted clothing Tradesy Shipping Boxes


Make fashion resale as simple, safe, and stylish as retail—at scale.

The Tradesy team works tirelessly to deliver a world-class shopping experience to buyers, while making listing, shipping, and payment dead-simple for sellers.

Achieving our mission to make resale as safe, simple, and stylish as retail will turn every online shopper into a seller, helping resale scale to have maximum impact.

Our SharedValues


All for one and one for all.
Foster collaboration, share knowledge, and go the extra mile to ensure that your teammates succeed. We’re in this together and have always got each others’ backs.


Success without integrity is failure.
Be honest with yourself and others, have hard conversations when needed, and bring your moral compass everywhere you go.


Think for yourself and question authority.
When you see problems or opportunities, don’t be a bystander -- be a hero. Every one of us is a shareholder and a business partner, authorized and expected to create solutions.


Accept no excuses.
Find a way or make one. Time and resources will always be limited. We win because we get the job done anyway. Do it better, faster, and cheaper than anyone thinks is possible.


Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Never compromise on quality. Don't settle for anything short of your best work, and demand excellence from those around you as well.


Innovation happens at the intersections.
We are better together. New ideas come from the combination of diverse perspectives. Bad decisions come from homogeneous groups. Work to eliminate bias and be intentional about inclusion.

Company Values


mapping on whiteboard

Tradesy runs on coffee, good vibes...and OKRs.

OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results — a goal-setting, execution, and communication tool used by fast-growing tech companies. The system was popularized by Tradesy investor and board member John Doerr, and adopted by our team in 2014.

Since then, we've refined the classic OKRs system to suit our unique culture and needs.

The Tradesy Guide to OKRs details how we use OKRs, and includes OKRs tips and tricks for leaders, managers, and individual contributors. Please feel free to use any part of this handbook that’s helpful to you or your organization.



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