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Fred & Kameela: Elegant Perfection

A classically elegant wedding, perfectly executed and beautifully photographed

Great chefs create recipes that support, rather than overwhelm, the taste of fresh ingredients. Some of the best architects and interior designers create spaces that are purposefully simple, carefully designed to emphasize the people and activities within. (I promise, this is going somewhere!) Sometimes the best creative moments happen when you skip the bells and whistles and design something that emphasizes its own true nature. <!–more–>

Fred and Kameela’s wedding is a perfect example of this. It’s a wedding that doesn’t try to be anything more, and its stylish simplicity is the perfect backdrop to showcase the obvious warmth and joy of the day. The entire event is perfectly curated and simply stunning. It’s formal without being stuffy, detailed without being overdone, and every single gorgeous photo conveys a story about this beautiful couple and their friends and family.

The pitch-perfect pics were taken by Cesar and Tanya of Perez Photography. They’re one of my faves, and the exceptional photos on their blog are great for inspiration!










This shot of Fred is one of most moving wedding pics I’ve ever seen. What a sweet groom!




Kameela and Fred designed and made these wooden signs themselves.


Not sure if this is a relative or a friend, but very sure that this guy knows how to dress for a party. One word: Dapper. I don’t get to use that word much, and I really appreciate this guy for giving me a reason to.


The tables were named for things that were personally significant to the couple.










Robin & Ken’s Eco-Chic Destination Wedding

A botanist and a biologist get married at an organic farm resort


Robin and Ken are from Toronto, but when it came time to plan a green wedding that expressed their love of nature and each other, they chose to get married in Cherry Valley, California. Their venue, the Highland Springs Resort, features lush natural landscapes, an all organic farm, thousand year old oak trees, olive groves, and vast fields of lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. Wedding planner LaDawn Williams from Platinum Lining Events was the creative force that helped Robin and Ken achieve their dream day. And talented LA-based photog Desi Baytan captured every impossibly beautiful and romantic moment.

{*What’s Wedding Porn Wednesday?}


Look at the gorgeous lines in bottom left photo, where the bride is putting her shoes on. Beautiful! Robin is a botanist, so she loves plants and trees. Her bouquet and other wedding flowers were organic, created by Irises Designs. Ken’s a Biology professor who loves animals and has a special thing for hummingbirds. Wait until you see how they incorporated their favorite elements of nature into the reception…


The blush-colored gown, hair rosettes, and brooch details give Robin’s classically stylish look an earthy, vintage appeal. Also, she kind of reminds me of Kate Winslet. Which I mean as a ginormous compliment, since I think KW is beautiful and always rocks the red carpet with the most elegant and feminine looks.


The couple wanted a photojournalistic style, but photographer Desi Baytan convinced them to have a frolic and some posed portraits among the herb fields, resulting in the spectacularly beautiful images below.



The ceremony was set in the middle of the lavendar fields, and decorated with only streamers and wooden chairs.



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Tiphany & Jamie’s Yellow Retro Hepcat Bash

A ’50s pinup spin on a chic Santa Barbara wedding

Vargas girls, you’re getting a run for your money. Because Tiphany has mastered the art of sexy pinup glamour, and she showed off some seriously hip retro style when she married her very own Daddy-O Jamie at the Four Seasons Biltmore in California wine country last September. <!–more–>

{What’s Wedding Porn Wednesday?}


This couple’s style is the eptiome of ’50s cool. They’re kind of like a modern-day Rizzo and Kenicke from Grease.


Every detail of this remarkable wedding was captured by the incredible husband-and-wife photography team Matt and Angie Sloan of Sloan Photographers. They’re Continue reading